Garage Maintenance for Above-Freezing December Days

Blue Sky Builders winter garage door maintenanceThe Chicago area often gets a few days with 35- to 40-degree temperatures in December, giving homeowners a last chance to complete some lingering outdoor maintenance chores. Here are a few suggestions for garage maintenance on one of those days: Read more

New Garage Door Openers Make Life Easier and More Secure

Blue Sky Builders electric garage door openerIf you think the only way to open your garage door is to manually press buttons mounted on a garage wall or on a remote clipped to your car visor, think again. Even the exterior keypad with a 4-digit security code, which was once the height of convenience, has become outmoded. Check out the latest features in “smart” electric garage door openers: Read more

The Future Is Here: Amazing Garage Technology

TECHSmart home technology is a rapidly growing industry in America. Over the past few years, many new products have been released that make controlling a home as easy as clicking a button. Using apps on smartphones and tablets, people can control almost everything within their homes; turn lights on and off, monitor their thermostats, lock doors and windows, and control music, just to name a few possibilities. Beds are now controllable with an app. Crock pots can be controlled from work. While smart home tech is still a relatively new industry, it is safe to say that American homes will continue becoming more futuristic. One of the most recent areas smart home technology has expanded into is garages. Make your garage the talk of the block by using some of these amazing new technologies.
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Safety Tips For National Garage Door Safety Month

Garage Safety TipsMore than 70% of homeowners enter and exit their home through the garage door, relying on it as the new front door. And warm weather brings even more traffic in the garage.

Since it is now National Garage Door Safety month we thought we would share a “door to floor” garage door safety checklist. While garage door safety is important all year round, make this an opportunity to complete an inspection.

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Garage Safety: Important Facts and Tips

Garage Safety TipsA garage door is one of the largest moving objects in your home, and is typically used every day. This type of usage and accessibility gives you good reason to keep it in proper working order and more importantly, ensure those using it are safe. Blue Sky Builders is dedicated to providing sustainable and reliable products that last for many years. But we also see our customers’ and their families’ safety as a top priority. Therefore we would like to share the current facts surrounding improper garage safety and some practical tips for how to remain safe as we head into the spring season.

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Free Garage Door Opener Upgrade

LiftMaster Garage Door OpenerBlue Sky Builders, a Chicagoland garage builder, is now offering a free garage door opener upgrade for new garage contracts through June 30, 2014! And not just any door opener, the hugely popular LiftMaster Premium 8360 with MyQ Technology, as seen on the Super Bowl and other advertising!

Celebrating the Blue Sky Builders 35th year anniversary, the free upgrade is available through June 30, 2014 with a new garage contract. The upgrade* includes the LiftMaster Premium 8360 with MyQ Technology with 2 remote controls, internet gateway, and battery backup system (*upgrade from the standard LiftMaster 3255 ½ HP opener).

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