From Garage to Football Den

DENFor many Americans, the arrival of fall means one important thing. Football season is back. If your home does not feature a giant plasma screen television, or a man cave for your football viewing pleasure, you may be wondering where you’ll be watching the action this season. Rather than fight for a seat at the bar, and be forced to sit next to obnoxious fans of the other team, take a look at the space within your own home. Many homeowners do not get much use out of their garages during the winter. Do not let that prime space go to waste. This fall is the perfect time for you to transform that cold, unused space into the football watching den of your dreams. Here’s how:
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Turning Your Garage into a Home Bar

Home BarSomething a lot of people have dreamed of at some point in their life is owning their own bar. Rather than trekking across town to pay for overpriced drinks, you could host your family and friends and avoid crowds. While owning a bar is not a possibility for everyone, building a bar is a project that almost anyone can tackle. And the perfect place for this project is the most underutilized room of the house — the garage. While your garage might not initially seem like the comfiest place to have a drink with your friends, after a little clean up and paint job it will soon become your new favorite hangout.
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Converting Your Garage into a Guest Bedroom

BEDROOMIf a home office, gym, or bar is not your thing, but you are still looking for a way to overhaul your garage, consider converting your empty garage into an extra bedroom for your home. An extra space to sleep is ideal if you have family members visiting often, teenagers who want more space, or want to start renting out rooms for additional income. Additionally, adding an extra bedroom will increase the value of your home. That being said, converting your garage from a dusty, car storage to a cozy accommodation is a lot of work. Depending on the type of room you want, this project will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000. You may want to hire a professional contractor for some parts of the process as well.
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How to Convert Your Garage into a Home Gym

How to Convert Your Garage into a Home GymAfter reading our prior posts about clearing out your clutter, you may be wondering how to utilize your new spacious garage. One idea for an alternative garage use is turning your garage into a home gym. A garage provides the perfect setting to get a quick workout in, and can be as big or small as your fitness goals are. By building a gym for your home, you skip the commute time, annoying crowds, and steep costs of working out at your hometown gym. Best of all, converting your garage into a home gym removes any excuse for missing a workout.
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How Much Can Windows and Doors Save You Come Tax Time?

Garage Tax SavingsOnce again, the House of Representatives (12/3) and Senate (12/16) have come together to approve taxes retroactive to 2014, just in time for Christmas.  Now, this may not seem like the Christmas gift you may have wanted, but think of the consequences had this bill not passed.  Yet another one-year extension, the extension will still allow homeowners to take advantage of this year’s purchases for their homes—specifically in energy efficient windows and doors. Read more

Which Garage Flooring Option is Right for You?

Garage Flooring OptionsWhen it comes to the garage, one of the most important considerations is right under your feet.  Choosing the right garage floor can help improve safety of your garage, reduce money spent in repairs, and help make your home more valuable.  At Blue Sky Builders, we would like to share the most popular flooring options, along with the pros and cons of each. Read more

Father’s Day Guide to Turning a Garage Into a Man Cave

Garage Man CaveGive your dad the ultimate gift this Father’s day – his very own man cave!

A garage man cave is less expensive than building a new addition onto your house and will take a lot less time, so it’s a great option for extra space. And it will give dad plenty of space to do ‘man things’.

Below we will share a guide to transforming your garage into a man cave in 6 steps and pictures of some awesome garage man caves.

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How to Clean Your Garage: Tips on Spring-Cleaning

Garage Spring Cleaning TipsWith spring just around the corner—spring is just around the corner isn’t it?—it’s never too early to start thinking about how to spruce up the cluttered abyss that has become your garage. Sometime during those long, dark months of relentless cold your garage became buried, not just under the vast accumulation of snow but under your junk.  And so it is time for a fresh start! It is time to clear away the salt stains and make way for those long anticipated gardening supplies and lawnmower. Here are some tips to help you get started:

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Garage Door Makeover: Transformation Tips

Garage MakeoverWhen designing a garage door, it is important to select one that is appropriately styled to compliment the rest of your home. This is particularly important when an attached garage faces forward, making it a central aspect of your home’s curb appeal.  Also, with the increasing trend of the three-car garage, the garage door now potentially covers a significant portion of a house’s front landscape. Feeling the pressure? Don’t be! A quick garage door makeover is easy for any style house. You will find that attractive, compatible look in no time! To get those creative juices flowing, check out some of these gorgeous garage door makeovers!

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Garage Project Blog – Westmont, IL

Garage Project BlogBlue Sky Builders is off to a great start in 2014 and as we continue to grow we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past successes that have made our future look so great! For our next project blog we wanted to share a garage we built just a few of months ago.

The completed garage was built in Westmont, Illinois. The owner’s existing garage was pretty old and in need of some updating. The project took just three short months and was completed in November 2013. Below we will share some project details and pictures of the new garage.

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