Garage Door Panels: Add Style To Your Garage Door

Garage Door PanelsGarages doors make up a significant portion of your home’s exterior. Therefore, it is important that the style you choose complements the rest of your home’s exterior. One way to add style or your own personal touch to a garage door are windows and window panels. How else can you add style to your garage door?

Panel design. There are four main standard panel designs to choose from that we will share below. Which will work best for your new garage door?

 1. Flush Panels

Flush panels are flat, slightly textured panels. They can be used to complement the surrounding wall area without drawing too much attention to the door itself.

Flush Garage Door Panels

Flush Panel Example

2. Long-Raised Panels

Long-raised panels give depth and distinction to the door, while adding to the home’s overall appearance.

Long-Raised Garage Door Panels

Long-Raised Panel Example

3. Short-Raised Panels

Similar to above, short-raised panels can also add depth to the door. Short-raised panels make great additions for Victorian-style homes with intricately delicate trim, colonial-style homes with symmetrical facades, or Tudor homes with strong architectural lines.

Short-Raised Garage Door Panels

Short-Raised Panel Example

4. Painted Panels

Add pizzazz to plain, raised panels by painting the sloped portion of the panel in a contrasting color.

Painted Garage Door Panels

Thanks to Lowe’s for this guide. You can read the full Garage Door Buying Guide here. Or, view our full gallery of garages we have built in the Chicagoland areaby clicking here. Contact us today if you are looking for a new garage!


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