Garage Project Blog – LaGrange Park, IL

Garage Project BlogIn addition to building brand new custom garages, Blue Sky Builders also does garage repairs and remodels! So, for this project blog, we’d like to share with you a recent garage remodel we completed in LaGrange Park, Illinois.

The existing garage was structurally sound but in bad shape cosmetically (pictures below). The owner did not want to go with a brand new garage, so opted for a remodeling, as it was the most economical solution.

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Garage vs Carport: Pros and Cons

Garage Vs CarportVehicles and similar assets such as boats, motor cycles, ATVs, etc., represent large investments that homeowners want to protect against harm from outside elements. Which is one good reason to plan a new garage or carport project.

But which is right for you and your family? We will outline the pros and cons of a garage vs a carport below.

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3 Tips For Preventing Garage Fires

Preventing Garage FiresEvery year there are about 6,600 garage fires at homes in the United States, resulting in an average of 30 deaths, 400 injuries, and more than $457 million in property loss. Of these fires 93% occurred in one- and two-family homes.

Here are some safety tips to avoid these destructive fires and limit their impact if they do occur.

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Wooden Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage Maintenance TipsThe first garage doors relied heavily upon wood to complete their construction. Today, wood still continues to appeal to those seeking traditional styles and materials. Wood doors are available in a variety of styles and can even include windows.

On the low-cost side of the spectrum, wood doors are available in painted, flat hardboard panels. On the other side, stain-grade wood doors cost more, but offer the warmth of natural wood that can make a big difference in the curb appeal of a house. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you may choose, all wood doors need to be maintained and refinished regularly. We will share some maintenance tips below.

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Father’s Day Guide to Turning a Garage Into a Man Cave

Garage Man CaveGive your dad the ultimate gift this Father’s day – his very own man cave!

A garage man cave is less expensive than building a new addition onto your house and will take a lot less time, so it’s a great option for extra space. And it will give dad plenty of space to do ‘man things’.

Below we will share a guide to transforming your garage into a man cave in 6 steps and pictures of some awesome garage man caves.

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Safety Tips For National Garage Door Safety Month

Garage Safety TipsMore than 70% of homeowners enter and exit their home through the garage door, relying on it as the new front door. And warm weather brings even more traffic in the garage.

Since it is now National Garage Door Safety month we thought we would share a “door to floor” garage door safety checklist. While garage door safety is important all year round, make this an opportunity to complete an inspection.

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Get Your Garage Ready For Summer

Get Garage Ready For SummerWe have experienced a seemingly endless Winter in the Chicagoland area this year. And finally, the weather is starting to warm up! With the first day of summer just around the corner – June 21st – we would like to share a few tips for getting your garage ready for summer.

Garage sales, barbecues, parties. Activity in the garage increases exponentially during the summer months. And as a result, it is important to prepare your garage in advance for the coming months.

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3 Types of Garage Roofs To Choose From

Garage RoofsGarages attached to homes often share the home’s roof. When garages are detached from the home, the roofs come in a few major types that blend well with the home and with other buildings nearby. Aside from the aesthetic consideration, choose the type of garage roof based on how you will use it and what types of vehicles you want to get inside.

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