Celebrating 35 Years Building Garages In The Chicagoland Area

Blue Sky Builders 35th AnniversaryBlue Sky Builders is proud to announce our 35th anniversary! We have been building garages in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs since 1979.

From our humble beginnings in our homes to our first office location in Westmont on Naperville Road, we are thankful to our customers who allowed us to do what we love and grow our business into our current Downer’s Grove location.

Below we will share a little bit of history of our company and how things have changed over the last 35 years.

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Garage Heating Safety Tips

Garage Heating Safety TipsAdding a garage heater can greatly increase the comfort and versatility of your garage. From a new home-office to that woodworking studio you always wanted, implementing a garage heating system opens the door to a world of alternative garage possibilities. Now before you get caught daydreaming of your new space, first consider these important safety tips that are sure to save you a lot of time and aggravation.

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Garage Additions: What To Consider

Garage AdditionsVia:  houselogic – Evaluate Your House for a Garage Addition

Maybe you’re tired of getting drenched as you dash to your car on stormy days. Or you dream about having more space for storage, a workshop, a home gym, a kids’ play area, or even an office. If you’re thinking about a garage addition, it’s a decent investment. Remodeling magazine’s  Cost vs. Value Report found that a home owner who invests the national average of $48,806 in a midrange, two-car garage addition can expect to recoup about 64% of the cost at resale.

Before you can decide whether to go ahead with a garage project, you’ll need to make a few decisions:

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Protecting Your Garage Floor From Snow and Ice

Garage SnowBlue Sky Builders Inc. has been building garages in the Chicagoland area since 1979, so we are very familiar with the typical snow and iced-filled winters we are used to experiencing.

Snow and ice can create a host of problems for your garage. Garages can become a cleaning nemesis in the winter. Ice and snow are tracked in on the garage floor, and people step in this dirty, slushy water and track it into the house. Besides being a cleaning frustration, incoming ice and snow can also cause higher heating bills. Check out the following 5 tips for protecting your garage floors from the ice and snow in the winter from eHow:

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Garage Project Blog – Glen Ellyn, IL

Garage Project BlogBlue Sky Builders has had a great 2013 and we are looking forward to what’s ahead in 2014! For our next project blog we wanted to share a small garage we built a couple of months ago.

The completed garage was built in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. The owner already had an existing attached garage and an old small shed in the rear. However, he wanted something bigger and better – don’t we all ;) – to house a classic car and riding lawnmower.

The project took just short of a month and was completed in August 2013. Below we will share some project details and pictures of the new garage.

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3 Step Garage Safety and Security Assessment

Garage Safety TipsWhen we think of home safety and security, usually complex security systems come to mind, or even flood lighting and motion sensors. We think of making sure the locks to our doors are in good condition and the windows latch properly. What we may not think of immediately, however, is the importance of our garage. The garage houses one of our most expensive possessions: our car. In many cases, however, it also serves as an additional entrance to our home (in the case of attached garages). In these cases particularly, it is incredibly important to give this part of our home a security and safety assessment.

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Garage Storage Ideas From Houzz

Garage Storage IdeasSource: 8 Clutter-Busting Garage Storage Solutions

Our garages play a very important role in our everyday living. Of course, they protect our vehicles from the elements. But more often than not, they also become dumping grounds for tools, cleaning products and seasonal gear. These tips can help you make the most out of this often overcrowded and underused space. Built-ins, pegboards, slat walls and other smart storage solutions can help you eliminate clutter and keep your garage tidy.

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How To Winter-Proof Your Garage

Garage SnowWhether you use it as a man cave or workshop, or just hate getting into an icy car in the winter, a winter-proof and heated garage is a great idea. And by adding a buffer between you and the outdoors, you might also be able to keep your house a little warmer, too. Insulating your door, upgrading your door, sealing the gaps, and heating things up can help you get it done.

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