Garage Makeover: S.T.O.P. Clutter

Garage Makeover Stop ClutterThanks to LiftMaster® for this great article!

Has your garage turned into a parking spot for stuff and not your car? According to a Garage-Trends Survey, the average American stores $6,500 worth of gear in the garage. The garage tends to be the landing spot for all possessions that do not have a place within your house.

How can you possibly get garage clutter under control? Lifestyle expert Korey Provencher developed S.T.O.P., a simple system to get your garage organized:

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Garage Building Best in August: Beat the Cold Weather!

Garage Building August Best TimeTake Advantage of Building a Custom Garage Before August Ends

It’s true – fall is right around the corner with winter not too far behind it! Don’t be left out in the cold!  Now is the time to finally make that decision to build the new custom built garage that you have always wanted. 

Before any garage is built, there is a lot of garage planning and preparation that must be done.  All of the garage options have to be figured out and finalized such as: Read more

Is Your Garage Ready For Summer?

Garage Ready for SummerGarage sales, barbecues, parties. Activity in the garage increases exponentially during the summer months. It is important to prepare your garage in advance for the coming months. 

The Chamberlain Group, a residential and commercial access solutions manufacturer of LiftMaster garage door openers offers these tips to get your garage in gear for summer:

  • Summer means increased traffic through your garage. Therefore, perform a periodic safety inspection of your garage door. This is especially important for those garage doors equipped with automatic openers.
  • Test your garage door opener’s safety reverse mechanism monthly. How? Use a piece of wood and place it in the path of the door. Next, close the garage door. The door should automatically reverse and return to the open position. If not, the door needs to be adjusted in order to be safe. Read more

National Garage Door Safety Month: Is Your Door Safe?

National Garage Door Safety MonthThank you to our friends at LiftMaster® for this article.

It’s National Garage Door Safety Month! Make sure you take some time to check out your garage door and make sure it is safe.

Over the years, we have seen the American home evolve, and now more than ever – the American Garage! Aside from the look, the garage has evolved into being a home entranceway. In fact, more than 70 percent of homeowners enter and leave their home through the garage door, relying on it as their new front door.    

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Who are Blue Sky Builders?

In 1979, Blue Sky Builders formed to serve the needs of the Chicago-land area homeowners by creating and building extraordinary, custom garages. They are a full service garage builder and have helped design new garages, fix old garages, remodel existing garages, and more.

Most recently, Blue Sky Builders thought it would be best to share the experiences and projects in designing, repairing and remodeling garages for homeowners through the creation of the Skywriters blog.

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Welcome to the Blue Sky Builders Blog: SkyWriters!

Blue Sky Builders Welcome BlogThe Blue Sky Builders Blog is brand new and we are thrilled about it! We promise to work hard to generate the latest in garage industry news. Why not share our blog with your friends, family, and colleagues who are interested in garage building, garage remodeling, garage doors and windows, and the like? We have so much to share, and we guarantee you will leave each time even more informed about garages and how you can turn yours into something great.

Blue Sky Builders Blog’ will post information on new garages we’ve built, highlighting the experiences and processes we’ve gone through. Before and after project samples, customer testimonials, and many other useful links and resources will facilitate in helping your garage building/purchasing process.

We hope you continue to come back to our blog for updated information. Also check out our Blue Sky Builders home page where you will find information on various garage types we can build for you and much more. Learn more about our services and see how we can help you build the garage of your dreams.

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