How to Decorate Your Garage with Holiday Lights

blue-sky-imageThe holiday season has arrived, and your neighbors may have already hung up their lights and decorations. Join in on the holiday spirit by transforming your garage and the outside of your home into a light display for the entire neighborhood to enjoy. Before you start putting up any lights, though, take a step back to look at your property. Plan how you want the decorations to look once they are complete. Once you have decided on a focal point for your lights and other decorations to be hung, you can then begin to create your winter wonderland. Be sure to decorate your garage as well to match the other parts of your house as well. Here are some suggestions on decorating your garage this holiday season:

LED Lights

A simple way to brighten up your garage is to incorporate a few strands of LED Lights around the frame of your garage door. There are a number of different light styles available. However, LED lights usually last longer because they are more energy efficient. They typically have a blue-ish tint as well, and most LED lights can connect up to 25 strands. Read more

Transform Your Garage This Thanksgiving

blue-sky-imageMake your garage space a place to give thanks this holiday season and transform it into a welcoming area for those in your community to gather on Thanksgiving. Discover a few ways that you can transform your garage into the location that gives back this year.
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Essential Emergency Items to Store in Your Car and Garage

blue-sky-imageThere are certain items that are essential to store in your garage and car at all times in case of an emergency. You never know what kind of obstacles you may face while living and traveling in Illinois, especially with cold weather approaching.

It is important to take precautionary measures by stocking your garage and car with these safety materials so that you are ready for whatever comes your way.

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Garage Storage Tips for the Winter

blue-sky-imageThe winter weather in Illinois can potentially cause damage to your garage. To avoid this from happening, take precautionary steps and organize your garage space before the first snowfall. Implement these key garage storage tips for the winter time. 

Make a plan for unused open space in your garage. 
Before you start storing your possessions away, make sure that you create a strategy that allows you to get the most storage space out of your garage.

Organize items according to the importance. 
Once you have your plan in place for your open space, you can then choose which items you want to keep out for the next couple of months and which ones you want to store away until the weather becomes nicer again. For example, you may want to keep the snow blower out and put the lawnmower away. Read more

Autumn Maintenance for Your Garage

blue-sky-imageIt is important to keep up with your garage maintenance as the seasons change. Autumn is a great time to reorganize your garage to ensure that the cold weather that follows does not damage doors, windows, or flooring. Make the most out of your seasonal cleaning with these tips.

Begin your maintenance by straightening up or clearing out all items in your garage. This could also mean getting rid of some things in your garage such as old bikes, toys, or food if you have a refrigerator. Once you put together what you do not need, double check that your cold weather accessories are easy to access for the winter months, including leaf blowers, rakes, snow blowers, and shovels. You can then put away anything you have been using over the summer that you will not need for maintenance purposes. Read more

How to Clean Your Garage Floor

blue-sky-imageIn order to keep up the appearance of your garage, an important task is maintaining a clean floor. Before picking up a mop or other supplies, you should find out what material your garage floor is made out of, the extent of how dirty the surface is, and the kind of cleaning equipment you want to use. Once you know the floor’s material, you can then purchase the appropriate cleaning accessories and construct a plan to maintain a well-kept garage floor. Consider the following before cleaning your garage floor: Read more

Pros and Cons of Garage Door Materials

blue-sky-imageWhen the time comes to start building or redesigning your garage, you will be presented with a variety of styles and options. Deciding what will be the best garage materials may be challenging, especially perhaps the most important piece of the building: the garage door. Garage doors are available in several different types of materials, some of which are more well-known than others. There are pros and cons to each material depending on what you want the overall purpose of your garage to be. Read more

What to Do When Flying Things Attack Your Garage

attackFlying things and garages can be a troublesome combination. At best, their presence can mean costly repairs, and it can serve as a loud and annoying nuisance to the homeowner. In the worst of scenarios, winged things in the garage can be dangerous. Learn how you can safely and effectively evict the flying intruders in your garage, and how you can protect your garage from future attacks.
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Safety Tips for Entertaining in Your Garage

partiesAlthough Labor Day has come and gone, many people still enjoy having barbecues, even in the fall. Your garage can be easily converted into a perfect party venue complete with indoor and outdoor access, electricity, room to move, and more. While throwing an event in your garage can be tons of fun, there are some safety concerns to address before having your guests over. Garages can be home to dangerous insects, toxic chemicals, sharp tools, and other safety hazards, so it is important to prepare your space ahead of time. This week, we are exploring a few safety concerns you should address before hosting a party in your garage.
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Which Garage Style Should You Choose?

garage stylesBuilding a new garage or remodeling your preexisting structure can boost your property value and provide your home with some additional curb appeal . As winter finally comes to an end, many homeowners are pursuing their dreams of a perfect garage. With the wide variety of different styles available, there is no better time to check out a new garage, but choosing which style to go with can be challenging. When deciding what type of garage to build, there are a variety of factors to consider. Should you choose a tried a true gable or hip style garage, or unleash your creative side and pursue a custom garage? The possibilities may seem endless, but the specialists at Blue Sky Builders are here to help.
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