Garage Versus Carport: Which Structure Is Right for Your Home?

Blue Sky Builders garages vs. carportsIf you compare garages to carports, there are noticeable differences. One is open; the other enclosed. One has a locking door; the other is less secure. One has a higher price tag; the other is budget-friendly. Both are a better option than having nothing at all to protect your belongings. Choosing which structure is right for your family depends on the purpose of the structure. Let us take a look at a few of the most noticeable features: Read more

Garage vs Carport: Pros and Cons

Garage Vs CarportVehicles and similar assets such as boats, motor cycles, ATVs, etc., represent large investments that homeowners want to protect against harm from outside elements. Which is one good reason to plan a new garage or carport project.

But which is right for you and your family? We will outline the pros and cons of a garage vs a carport below.

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