3 Simple Ideas for Customizing Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders custom garage ideasWhen we think of custom garages, we tend to think of elaborate, high-tech designs which are likely to come with a high cost. However, there are many ways to customize your garage at a low price by using simple techniques. In many cases, these can be accomplished by reorganizing your garage and taking advantage of minimalist design styles. If you are looking for easy ways to customize your garage, here are a few ideas: Read more

Blue Sky Builders Earns 2017 BBB Complaint Free Award

Blue Sky Builders 2017 BBB Complaint Free AwardBlue Sky Builders (BSB) is happy to announce earning the 2017 Better Business Bureau (BBB) Complaint Free Award. To achieve this award, our Downers Grove garage building company was required to receive zero complaints in 2017. This marks the 6th year that Blue Sky Builders has won this award and is a reflection of the work and customer service that Blue Sky Builders prides itself on since 1979. BBB has also accredited Blue Sky Builders with an A+ rating which deems that BSB has excelled in the factors that the Better Business Bureau considers most important to customers.
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How to Clean Up Melted Snow in Your Garage

Blue Sky Image (3)As the sun begins to stay in the sky for just a little longer each day, the winter weather slowly starts to fade away in the Chicagoland area. As the snow melts, your garage may become damaged due to the excess water. However, there are a number of tactics you can tackle in order to clean up any messes made in your garage and prevent any damages from happening in the future.  Read more

Protect Your Garage From Melting Snow and Ice Build Up

blue-sky-imageThe winter months bring weather that may resemble a beautiful snow globe, but in reality, the cold temperatures can be very dangerous if precautions are not taken. For instance, icicles that form on your roof and garage can become sharp and potentially fall and hurt someone if not removed properly. There are a number of ways you can protect your garage from melting snow and ice build up that forms due to the cold weather spreading across Illinois.

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Transform Your Garage This Thanksgiving

blue-sky-imageMake your garage space a place to give thanks this holiday season and transform it into a welcoming area for those in your community to gather on Thanksgiving. Discover a few ways that you can transform your garage into the location that gives back this year.
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America’s Most Unusual and Expensive Garages

unusualThe talented team of garage specialists at Blue Sky Builders has been providing dream garages to clients across Illinois for over 30 years. Are you ready to get started on your next garage project? Even small updates can help increase your garage’s functionality and boost your property value. Realtors estimate that adding a two-car garage to your home can increase your home’s market value by thousands of dollars.
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From Garage to Football Den

DENFor many Americans, the arrival of fall means one important thing. Football season is back. If your home does not feature a giant plasma screen television, or a man cave for your football viewing pleasure, you may be wondering where you’ll be watching the action this season. Rather than fight for a seat at the bar, and be forced to sit next to obnoxious fans of the other team, take a look at the space within your own home. Many homeowners do not get much use out of their garages during the winter. Do not let that prime space go to waste. This fall is the perfect time for you to transform that cold, unused space into the football watching den of your dreams. Here’s how:
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Converting Your Garage into a Guest Bedroom

BEDROOMIf a home office, gym, or bar is not your thing, but you are still looking for a way to overhaul your garage, consider converting your empty garage into an extra bedroom for your home. An extra space to sleep is ideal if you have family members visiting often, teenagers who want more space, or want to start renting out rooms for additional income. Additionally, adding an extra bedroom will increase the value of your home. That being said, converting your garage from a dusty, car storage to a cozy accommodation is a lot of work. Depending on the type of room you want, this project will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000. You may want to hire a professional contractor for some parts of the process as well.
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Famous Garages: The HP Garage

Famous Garages: The HP GarageOur blog has gone into detail on plenty of alternative uses for your garage, one of them being a home office. Garages offer the perfect place for entrepreneurs to do business as they provide no cost to operate out of and allow them to work from their home. Even some of the biggest companies in the world can be traced back to their garage-based humbled beginnings. One of the most famous companies to start out in a garage is tech giant Hewlett-Packard. This garage has become so well known that it is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and is know as “the Birthplace of Silicon Valley”.
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