What Home Buyers Want for Garages in 2019

Blue Sky Builders 2019 garage updatesThinking about possible home improvements in 2019? Want to make sure those home and garage improvements are going to make your home appeal to future buyers? According to the National Association of Home Builders, these are some of the top features currently desired by home buyers: Read more

How Garage Insulation Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

insulationIn the hot summer months, we all depend on our A/C to keep us cool. However, constant A/C usage can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. One key to keeping your bills low, but also staying cool, is to ensure your home is energy efficient. One way that many homeowners waste energy is through interface problems with their attached garages.

When built, a house’s outer walls are insulated with materials to prevent heat loss and air flow to the outdoors. Homes with attached garages, however, often lack this insulation on the walls facing their garage. These walls may have holes or gaps in them, unintentionally left over after construction.
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