Choosing Between Garage Expansion and Reorganization

Blue Sky Builders expand or reorganize garageAre you losing the battle for the necessary space in your garage? You are not alone. Recently, in a survey of more than 1,000 participants, more than half admitted this area is by far the most disorganized space in their home, leaving many of them yearning for added room.

Multiple factors go into deciding whether you want to add square footage to your garage. The option requires a reasonable amount of time, patience, and planning, but has the potential to increase the overall value and enjoyability of your home. However, a reorganization solution eliminates any potential pitfalls associated with an expansion, such as pricing, complicated logistics, reduction of yard space, and noise complaints. Consider the following factors when determining if a garage expansion is an ideal choice for your family: Read more

Are You Considering a Garage Expansion?

expansionWhether you are looking to house your in-laws, store an extra vehicle, or add a home office to your property, a garage expansion is a great option to consider. Increasing the size of your garage can be done in a number of ways, and the garage specialists at Blue Sky builders can help you explore the possibilities. An expansion can be done quickly, cost effectively, and can help add value to your home as well as functionality. When deciding whether to expand your existing garage or not, here are few things to consider.
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