5 Advantages of a Detached Garage

Blue Sky Image (3)If you do not have enough space in your home to enjoy all the activities that you desire, consider investing in a detached garage. There are a number of benefits that can come with a detached garage. Whether you need more storage room or an area for your office, this extra space has potential benefits and can be customized to your specific needs. Once you have made your decision to invest in a detached garage and building permits have been approved, you can begin to brainstorm different interior ideas.

Spare bedroom: Having an overnight guest can sometimes be less stressful if they have their own space to enjoy. With the addition of a detached garage, your guests will be able to feel comfortable knowing they can close enjoy alone time at the end of the night. Read more

Transform Your Garage This Thanksgiving

blue-sky-imageMake your garage space a place to give thanks this holiday season and transform it into a welcoming area for those in your community to gather on Thanksgiving. Discover a few ways that you can transform your garage into the location that gives back this year.
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How a Garage Can Add Value to Your Home

garage valuePotential homebuyers often put together a list of “must haves” to help them narrow down their search while looking for houses. These lists detail what a future homebuyer could not live without – things like a washing machine, a pool, a fireplace, or air conditioning. Everyone’s list is different, but most include one important thing: a garage. Is no garage a deal breaker for potential homebuyers? Will adding a garage increase your property value? What can you do to improve your existing garage to boost your property value? Here we discuss ways a garage can impact the sale of your home, and what you should know moving forward putting your home on the market.
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2016 Garage Trends You Need to Know About

garage trendsWhile we might not admit it all the time, most of us care about our neighbors’ perceptions of our homes. We manicure our lawns, keep our sidewalks shoveled, and maintain our homes’ curb appeal, just to ensure we stand out, or at least fit in with our neighbors. It makes sense that many homeowners this year are focusing on one of the main focal points of their homes: their garage.
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LED Lighting for Your Garage

ledIt can happen to anybody. You pull up into your garage one evening, step out of your car, and reach for the light switch, only to discover that your overhead garage light has burned out. Even the tidiest of garages can be a bit creepy at night, and nobody wants to feel like they are trapped in a scene from a scary movie. Or, perhaps you are working on a project in your garage, but the dim fluorescent or incandescent lighting in your space is making completing the task difficult. If you are sick of dealing with lighting issues in your garage, consider switching to LED lighting. LED (light-emitting diodes) is one of today’s fastest growing lighting technologies, and also one of the most energy efficient options you can choose to install. LED lights are simple to use, will brighten any space, and have a much longer life span than other lighting options.
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Replace or Remodel: Which Option Is Right for You?

REPLACEMany people set aside time each spring to work on home improvement projects. As the snow melts and temperatures become more tolerable, millions of families embark on remodels, renovations, and all sorts of other household projects. If garage repairs are on your to-do list this spring, you may be wondering how to best go about them. Should you tear down and rebuild a new garage, or is remodeling your existing garage the best option? Based on your needs, we will help you find the perfect plan of action for your garage repairs this spring.
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From Garage to Football Den

DENFor many Americans, the arrival of fall means one important thing. Football season is back. If your home does not feature a giant plasma screen television, or a man cave for your football viewing pleasure, you may be wondering where you’ll be watching the action this season. Rather than fight for a seat at the bar, and be forced to sit next to obnoxious fans of the other team, take a look at the space within your own home. Many homeowners do not get much use out of their garages during the winter. Do not let that prime space go to waste. This fall is the perfect time for you to transform that cold, unused space into the football watching den of your dreams. Here’s how:
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Garage Pests: Carpenter Ants and Termites

garage pestsTermites and carpenters ants are threats that we do not often think about until it is too late. Homeowners often neglect to check for these devastating pests during the summer months when they are most active and swarming. One of the main places that these pests nest in is a house’s garage. Garages attract carpenter ants and termites because they have wood frames and areas of the wall that are not sealed properly and can provide easy entry. Garages also have higher levels of moisture than other parts of the house which attracts the insects.
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Turning Your Garage into a Home Bar

Home BarSomething a lot of people have dreamed of at some point in their life is owning their own bar. Rather than trekking across town to pay for overpriced drinks, you could host your family and friends and avoid crowds. While owning a bar is not a possibility for everyone, building a bar is a project that almost anyone can tackle. And the perfect place for this project is the most underutilized room of the house — the garage. While your garage might not initially seem like the comfiest place to have a drink with your friends, after a little clean up and paint job it will soon become your new favorite hangout.
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