How to Get Opossums Out of Your Garage Before Winter

Blue Sky Builders tips for keeping opossums away from your garageTo some people, opossums can be among the cutest creatures in the whole world. To others, an opossum’s long face is enough to scare them away. No matter what you may think of opossums, they can wreak havoc on your garage, especially in the winter. To have peace of mind during this bitter cold season in the Chicago area and the DuPage County suburbs, it is best to follow some precautions so that you do not have to deal with the challenges that come with harboring furry creatures in your garage. Read more

Wintertime Garage Safety Tips

Safety TipsEven the most insulated garages can prove hazardous in the winter. From carbon monoxide, to frozen garage doors, the average household garage can quickly become dangerous if left unchecked and unmaintained during the winter. If you are hoping to keep yourself and your family safe for the remainder of the season, pay attention to these common cold weather garage safety concerns.
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