Getting Your Garage Ready for the Spring

Blue Sky Builders garage tips for springSpring is now here, which means that it is time for many people to think about how to get their garages ready for the upcoming warmer weather. In the Chicago and DuPage County area, the weather was very cold during the winter, and this may have resulted in a variety of issues which may need to be resolved, such as cracked caulking on a garage door or the invasion of unwanted creatures. Here are some tips on how to get your garage in order this spring: Read more

A Checklist for Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage cleaning and maintenanceSpring is just around the corner. As the weather starts to warm up in the Chicago area and DuPage County, this is a good opportunity to plan for spring cleaning around your home, and your garage is no exception. As you plan to clean, organize, and maintain your garage in the coming months, the following checklist will allow you to stay on top of the tasks you will need to complete. Read more

Garage Spring Cleaning

BSB-BlogWhile your garage may be one of the lowest maintenance areas of your home, it does require some love, care, and attention every once in awhile. After a long fall and winter, your garage is likely in need of some spring cleaning. Interior and exterior cleaning can help make your garage more usable and help preserve the value of your home. Here is a list of a few common areas that require attention during spring garage cleaning.
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