Garage and Home Improvements With the Best Payback

Blue Sky Builders garage improvement paybackThe choices we make in home and custom garage improvements are generally driven by one of two factors: either we make upgrades for our own pleasure, or we plan to sell the house soon and are making improvements that will help it sell quickly for the best price. Ideally, we take both factors into consideration. Read more

Garage Versus Carport: Which Structure Is Right for Your Home?

Blue Sky Builders garages vs. carportsIf you compare garages to carports, there are noticeable differences. One is open; the other enclosed. One has a locking door; the other is less secure. One has a higher price tag; the other is budget-friendly. Both are a better option than having nothing at all to protect your belongings. Choosing which structure is right for your family depends on the purpose of the structure. Let us take a look at a few of the most noticeable features: Read more

How a Garage Can Add Value to Your Home

garage valuePotential homebuyers often put together a list of “must haves” to help them narrow down their search while looking for houses. These lists detail what a future homebuyer could not live without – things like a washing machine, a pool, a fireplace, or air conditioning. Everyone’s list is different, but most include one important thing: a garage. Is no garage a deal breaker for potential homebuyers? Will adding a garage increase your property value? What can you do to improve your existing garage to boost your property value? Here we discuss ways a garage can impact the sale of your home, and what you should know moving forward putting your home on the market.
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