Garage Project Blog – Lombard, IL

Garage Project BlogIts has been a busy year for Blue Sky Builders! For our next project blog we wanted to share a garage conversion we completed earlier this year.

The completed garage was built in Lombard, Illinois. The project took approximately one month and was completed in January 2013. Below we will share some project details and pictures of the new garage.

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4 Tips For Eliminating Garage Odors

Eliminate Garage OdorsThanks to the A+ Garage Doors blog for these tips.

It sometimes cannot be avoided that our garage will have a certain stink about it. Paint cans, gasoline canisters, tools etc. may be stored in the garage and items like these can leave foul odors behind. The cat box might be out there or it is even where some may store the trash until pick-up day. This does not mean that one should have to suffer with a smelly garage.

Below are 4 tips for eliminating garage odors:

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Organizing Your Garage – Infographic

Organizing Your Garage InforgraphicStudies show that 50% homeowners rate the garage as the most disorganized place in the house. And the U.S. Department of Energy reports that 25% of people with two-car garages don’t park any cars in there and 32% park only one.

Does this sound like you? A few simple organization tactics can help you get your cars back into the garage! Below is an infographic from Angie’s List sharing some tips for organizing your garage.

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Build Your Garage Before it Gets Cold!

Get New Garage Before WinterBeat the cold weather by starting the garage planning and building process in August! Tomorrow marks the first day of August, with the first day of Fall approaching quickly: September 22nd.

Get your new garage built well before the first snowfall and sub zero temperatures and treat yourself to a nice warm car that doesn’t have to be scraped off in the morning before work.   You’ll be glad you did. Below are some garage planning tips to help you get started.

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Insulating Your Garage Door

Garage Insulation With the hot summers and frigid winters commonly experienced in the Chicagoland area, insulating your garage is a great option for homeowners.

An insulated garage can help keep you cooler or warmer. It can also help to lower your energy costs! An un-insulated garage door can suck up a lot of the air conditioning and heat from your home, greatly increasing your energy costs. If you have rooms directly beside or above the garage door, you will also have to use more AC or heat to keep them at a livable temperature.

To familiarize yourself with insulation and the process, we will share information from Houselogic on the types of insulation and how to match the insulation to your garage door.

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3 Awesome Garage Makeovers – Before & After

Garage MakeoverWhat does your dream garage look like? Garages can be more than just a place to park your car. In fact, they can serve as an expansion of your house! Garages across the country are being made over, anything from utilizing neat storage ideas to having a personal gym in the garage!

Below are 3 before and after pictures of extraordinary garage makeovers from the Garage Mahal team of the DIY Network.

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June: National Garage Door Safety Month

Garage Door Safety Month - June June is only a couple of days away and June is national garage door safety month! While garage door safety is important all year round, make this an opportunity to make sure everything is operating safely because more time is often spent in the garage in the summer months.

June is the perfect time to pay a little more attention to your garage door and opener since a garage often becomes the hub of activity for many families,” notes Paul Accardo of LiftMaster.

In preparation for garage door safety month, below you will find 10 safety and security tips and a garage safety video.

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The History of the Garage

History of the GarageThere are over 82 million homes with a garage in the United States! Garages have come a long way since their humble beginnings in the 1920s. New innovations and technologies have shaped the modern-day garage, an integral part of all homes. Below is an interesting infographic from IFA Insurance Company detailing the history of the garage!

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