Holiday Decorating Themes for Your Home and Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage holiday decorationsIf your home’s front door and garage both face the street, your holiday decorating plan will be greatly enhanced if you decorate around your garage and driveway, as well as around your front door and walkway. You certainly have no shortage of options to fill up your outdoor space. As you have surely seen in home improvement stores, today’s outdoor holiday decorating options go way beyond the traditional strings of lights and plastic Santas. Read more

Holiday Home and Garage Decorating With New LED Lights

Blue Sky Builders holiday garage decorationsAs soon as the first holiday lights and wreaths appear on houses, businesses, and lampposts around town, you know it is Christmastime. To help create that holly, jolly spirit around your house and garage this season, here are some tips for using the latest in LED lighting: Read more

Get Your Garage in the Holiday Spirit with These Fun Ideas

decorating garage for holidaysHoliday decorating is no laughing matter. Each year, millions of Americans transform their homes into festive winter wonderlands. We put up trees, hang wreaths, string lights around our homes, and set up all sorts of holiday decorations. From the amateur decorators who keep it simple, to the seriously competitive decorators who strive for the best decorated house on the block each year, holiday decorating is a fun activity anyone can take part in. Unfortunately, as we all start decorating, one area tends to get missed on most homes. All too often, people forget to decorate their garages. An undecorated garage can look strange, especially when surrounded by decorations on other parts of a home. This year, include your garage in the magic of the holidays by trying one of these awesome holiday decorating ideas.
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