Get the Most Out of Your Garage With These Home Renovation Trends

Blue Sky Builders garage renovation increasing home valueThe newest trend in home design is to make the garage a functional and inviting space to add value to the home. The days of the garage being nothing more than the attached storage unit for the home are long gone. Garage renovations currently rank among the top three areas where homeowners recuperate the most money with the right buyer. Increase the value and functionality of your home with these garage trends: Read more

How to Convert Your Garage into a Home Gym

How to Convert Your Garage into a Home GymAfter reading our prior posts about clearing out your clutter, you may be wondering how to utilize your new spacious garage. One idea for an alternative garage use is turning your garage into a home gym. A garage provides the perfect setting to get a quick workout in, and can be as big or small as your fitness goals are. By building a gym for your home, you skip the commute time, annoying crowds, and steep costs of working out at your hometown gym. Best of all, converting your garage into a home gym removes any excuse for missing a workout.
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