Garage and Home Improvements With the Best Payback

Blue Sky Builders garage improvement paybackThe choices we make in home and custom garage improvements are generally driven by one of two factors: either we make upgrades for our own pleasure, or we plan to sell the house soon and are making improvements that will help it sell quickly for the best price. Ideally, we take both factors into consideration. Read more

Ways to Deal with Your Neighbor’s Rundown Property

rundownSo, you are about ready to sell your house. You have done everything possible – cleaned, organized, remodeled, repaired – to ensure you get the best offers on your home. There is one tricky area, however, that you do not have as much control over; your neighbors. While your neighbors crumbling garage across the street may not have bothered you, potential home buyers could be scared away. How do you stop the neighborhood eyesore from lowering your property value? While there is no single, simple solution to the problem, here are five potential tactics you can use to encourage your neighbor to tidy up their property.
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