5 Things That Need a Home in Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage storage ladders toolsAre you tired of digging through piles of stuff in your garage to find the thing you need? The solution can be found in the old adage, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Here is our list of 5 things you should have in your new garage and the best place to put them so you can always find them. Read more

Ideas for Storing Your Yard Tools in Your Garage

toolYard work can be an enjoyable, but often tedious task. As soon as one project is finished, ten more pop up in its place. Each new season brings with it a slew of new projects in your yard; raking leaves, pulling weeds, potting new plants, trimming hedges. When it comes to yard work, the list of projects is seemingly endless. The next time you are faced with a weekend of yard work, do not waste time searching through an unorganized garage for your tools. Many different storage options are out there to help you find a perfect spot for each of your tools within the limited space of your garage. Consider using any or all of these awesome storage ideas to find a comfortable home for all of your valuable yard tools.
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