Simple Vehicle Maintenance Tasks You Can Perform in Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders vehicle maintenance in garageFor many families, a vehicle purchase is a significant financial investment, second only to the family home. Car loans typically last five to seven years; yet, if neglected, the vehicle will not last the entire duration of the payments. Today’s cars have a significant amount of technology onboard, making it more difficult to make repairs without specialized equipment. However, there are some basic maintenance tasks you can perform that will keep your car running efficiently, well past paying the last car note. Here are some simple things you can take care of from your garage or your driveway: Read more

What Is a Car Lift?

CAR LIFTSHave you ever heard of a car lift before? Imagine purchasing a brand new vehicle, only to discover you do not have the space within your garage to store it. Do you build a new garage? Should you purchase an awning and leave the vehicle exposed? Fortunately, car lifts are great, convenient solutions for those needing extra vehicle storage within their garage. Car lifts are growing in popularity among homeowners who are short in storage, and these easy to use tools are great at optimizing the space within your garage to free up more storage space. Taking advantage of the vertical space within your garage, car lifts raise one vehicle off the ground, allowing another vehicle to be parked underneath it. Car lifts are safe, can hold significant weight loads, and are easy for homeowners to operate on a daily basis. This week, we are exploring a few of the many benefits of installing a car lift within your garage.
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