Tips For Keeping Your Garage Dry During the Rainy Season

Blue Sky Builders garage maintenance rainy weatherAlthough we see steady rainfall throughout the year, the residents of the Chicago area typically receive more precipitation in August and September than the other months of the year. Aside from the inconvenience of muddy shoes and wet hair, rain can wreak havoc on a home. Rain damage costs homeowners across the United States millions of dollars each year.

The garage is often a prime target for water entry. Moisture from umbrellas, shoes, and cars lingers in the garage, along with any rain pouring in while the garage door is open. Keep your investments dry and your family safe with these helpful tips: Read more

Why Are Garage Gutters So Important?

Blue Sky Builders garage gutter maintenanceThe family home is often one of the largest investments families make, commonly taking thirty years to repay the mortgage. While you perform preventative maintenance on your home to protect your investment, do not neglect to apply these same measures to your garage, as it is a considerable portion of the whole investment and endures as much usage and element exposure as the remainder of the home. Read more

Keeping Water Away from Your Garage

WATERGarages are easily susceptible to water damage. They provide many easy points of entry for water from a rain storm or flooding, and are often not as waterproofed as the rest of the house. On top of that, many households do not monitor their garages often, so extensive water damage can occur before the problem is even spotted. Do not let water invade your garage this year. Taking a few simple steps can help you prevent damage to your foundation, garage, and the items within it.
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