Tips on How to Keep Your Garage Cool in the Summer

Keeping Garage CoolAs summer approaches, so does the hot sun aiming towards your garage. For people who like to work on their cars and projects in their garages, the summer heat can be unbearable. But before you decide to just sweat it out, read about our tips on making your garage cooler.

Tip #1 – Circulate the Air

Forcing the hot air out of your garage and bringing in the cool air is the key. If you have a window, set up a box fan and exhaust the hot air out the window. Another option, though more expensive, is to install an exhaust fan in the ceiling. Since heat rises, an exhaust fan will bring faster results. Even if you don’t have a window, circulating the air with a fan and/or raising your overhead garage a foot up, will make your garage cooler. For climates where the air is just too overwhelming hot, installing an energy efficient air-conditioning window unit can bring some instant relief.

Tip #2 - Use Light Colors for the Garage Exterior and Shingles

You can’t stay cool wearing a dark sweatshirt in the summer. Neither can your garage. Light color paints reflect the heat of the sun and choosing colors such as white, cream or beige for the garage exterior or doors can make a noticeable difference in lowering your interior garage temperature. Lighter colored shingles on your garage roof (more of an option for a detached garage) will also reflect more sunlight and lead to a cooler garage.

Tip #3 –  Weatherproofing (Insulation, Caulking, Weather Stripping)

Efficient weatherproofing will not only help your garage in keeping out the summer heat but will help keep your garage warmer in the winter. Become a detective for a day and find out the open sources where the heat is creeping in from and fix with caulking and weather stripping. It may be tedious but will be well worth it. For larger areas, installing insulation around doors and windows, inside the garage doors, walls and ceiling can make a huge difference in maintaining a more comfortable temperature in your garage.

Tip #4 - Using New Materials When It’s Time to Replace

No one likes to hear that the garage needs to replaced or fixed. But when it’s time, use the opportunity to replace doors and roofing with more energy efficient materials. Insulated garage doors are now available in a large variety of different styles. “Cool roof” materials, such as reflective paints, shingles, and sheet covering can reduce your roof’s temperature to 50-60 degrees F, compared to a normal dark-colored roof which can reach temperatures of 150 degrees F in the summer sun. For more information about cool roofs, visit

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