Types of Garages: Gable Garages

Garage Types: Gable Garage In our three-part garage type series we will be focusing on the different types of garages that are available, details on each type, and real pictures of garages we have built. This post will focus on Gable Garages.

Gable garages are one of the most common types of garage. This simple, yet practical style of garage offers numerous possibilities.

What is a gable garage? With two sloping sides that come together at a ridge, gable garages are built to match the gables on the house. The triangular gable faces the front. Below we will share some advantages of gable garages, pictures of gable garages we have built in the Chicago area, and some information on reverse gable garages.

Advantages of Gable Garages

The gable roof is one of the most common, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for the large amount of interior space that it can provide. Other advantages of gable garages include:

  • Sturdy design
  • Allows for vaulted ceilings, increasing storage space
  • The sleep slopes allow rain and snow to run off much easier than other types of roofs
  • The pitch can be varied to match the look of your home
  • Windows can be added to the gable ends
  • Shakes and frieze boards can be installed to dress up the front

A build up of snow a roof can be damaging, and even cause roof cave ins. The steep slopes of gabled garages are advantageous in areas that have a lot of snow in the winter. On the other hand, gabled garages are not quite as common in areas that have high risks of hurricanes or tornadoes.

Gable Garage Portfolio

14 x 20 Gable Garage                          

14x20 Gable Garage    

18 x 20 Gable Garage

18x20 Gable Garage

20 x 22 Gable Garage

20x22 Gable Garage

Custom 22 x 24 Gable Garage with Gable Dormers

Custom Gable Garage with Gable Dormers

Custom 22 x 24 Offset Gable Garage with Gable Dormer

Offset Gable Garage with Gable Dormer

To see all of our gable garages, visit our gallery by clicking here.

Reverse Gable Garages

Reverse gable garages have triangular gables that face the sides rather than the front.

24 x 22 Reverse Gable Garage 

24x22 Reverse Gable Garage

40 x 27 Reverse Gable Garage

40x27 Reverse Gable Garage

Custom 22 x 20 Reverse Gable Garage with Gable Dormers

Custom Reverse Gable Garage with Gable Dormers

Custom 22 x 22 Reverse Gable Garage with Gable Dormer


What type of garage do you have/want? Stayed tuned for our remaining posts on garage types!


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