3 Easy Steps to Turn Your Garage into a Personal Gym

Blue Sky Builders garage gymPhysical fitness can be an important aspect of our everyday lifestyles. Depending on your schedule, your circumstances, and other factors outside of your control, belonging to a gym or exercising outdoors may not always be possible. If you are looking to incorporate a workout into your day but wish to do so in the privacy of your own home, renovating your garage to turn it into a space for exercise may be your answer. To maintain your garage’s curb appeal while maximizing your workout, several steps can be taken to create your perfect garage gym.

Understand Your Space

Before a renovation project begins, it is important to consider every factor. Your garage may provide valuable space to park vehicles and store miscellaneous items. Do you want to convert your entire garage into a gym, only use a portion of the space, or add additional room for gym equipment? Clearing out your garage and understanding how much space you have can help with the decision-making process. In addition, having an idea of what workout equipment you want and the amount of space it will take up can help you ensure that your garage gym will meet your needs.

Prepare Your Garage

You will want to be sure your garage will be suitable for your workout equipment while meeting your exercise needs. Weights can be dropped to the ground, which could damage the floor or other items in the garage. Furthermore, some workouts may be better completed without shoes. Depending on your specific needs, new flooring may need to be added. Generally, a form of rubber flooring is considered the best option for a personal gym. Before this material is installed, any structural concerns in the underlying floor, such as cracks or holes, should be addressed.

If you plan to utilize your personal gym year-round, you may want to consider installing heating or air conditioning equipment, and you should make sure your garage is properly insulated. The Chicago area can have bitterly cold winters and blisteringly hot summers, and you will want to keep these temperatures from affecting your ability to get the exercise you need.  

Consider Additional Luxuries

Depending on your personal needs and the types of exercises you will be doing, you may want to add certain amenities to your garage. For example, you may perform yoga workouts with the assistance of instructional videos, so you may need to set aside space for a television. You may also want to add a sound system, a mini fridge for sports drinks, or devices that will allow you to easily make protein shakes or smoothies. As part of your garage renovations, you can design your area to incorporate the necessary appliances, or you can leave room to add these items at a later date. 

Call Our DuPage County Garage Renovation Professionals

Remodeling your garage into a personal gym allows you the freedom to exercise whenever you please. No longer will your workouts be restricted by weather conditions or gym memberships. Before your customization project begins, you should consult an experienced Downers Grove garage building expert at Blue Sky Builders. To get a free estimate, contact us today at 630-852-8485. 


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