3 Solutions for Mud, Slush, and Snow on Your Garage Floor

Blue Sky Builders garage snow mud solutionsAh, the joys of winter in northern Illinois! The garage floor is filthy, but it is too freezing cold to hose it down. Even worse, slippery spots can form on the floor, posing a risk of a slip-and-fall. The last thing you need during a Chicago winter is to be hobbling around on crutches. So what can you do? Here are three recommended hacks for keeping that garage floor a little cleaner and safer:

Solution 1: Coal Shovel and Squeegee

Like most household maintenance chores, having the right tools can make all the difference. If you have been trying to use a push broom or snow shovel for winter floor cleaning, you have learned that those are not the best-suited tools for the job. Debris runs off the sides of a snow shovel, and a push broom is not ideal for muddy, slushy conditions. The solution is a coal shovel, which has sides to keep the debris in the shovel until you’re ready to dump it outside. Other people swear by a heavy-duty push squeegee for pushing water out the door.

Solution 2: Boot Brush

If you have family members who like to hike the forest preserves and play in the parks all year long, you know how annoying muddy boots can be. Mud and slush can get trapped in the deep treads of boot soles, and as it dries, it flakes off all over your floors.

One easy solution is a boot brush, which you can order online for about $25 to $50. Some of them have to be screwed into a wood or concrete floor, but others have a mat on either side that you stand on to keep the brush steady while you scrap your boot through it. These have long been used by farmers and horse owners, so you can trust this is not some cheap gimmick.

Set up your boot brush right outside the main door to your garage, or just inside the overhead door, where you can easily sweep the debris back out the door. Ask anyone who has installed a boot brush; it really helps keep dirt and snow where they belong: outside.

Solution 3: Heavy-Duty, Rubber-Backed Floor Mats

You know those dirt-trapping and water-trapping doormats made for use at your front door and back door? Well, they also make them in a runner length that is perfect for winter garage use. Just be sure to choose one that is heavy-duty, rubber-backed, non-slip, and easy to clean. Then, place it alongside the car where you get out. This will help keep snow and mud on your boots from getting on the floor of the garage and then being tracked into the house.

These mats can be helpful for family members who need a little extra stability under their feet when entering and exiting the car, especially when their shoes or boots might be wet and slippery. When the mats get too dirty, just take them outside and shake them off in the driveway, or give them a quick going-over with a vacuum cleaner. When the weather is warmer, they are easy to hose off and throw over a fence or deck railing to dry.

One final bonus tip: If you order items online regularly, you probably have more cardboard than you know what to do with. Break down some of those boxes and place them around your garage floor. This is a cheap way to catch salt and melt-off from around your car wheels, and you can just toss the cardboard in the recycling bin later.

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