3 Tips for Garage Door Safety

Blue Sky Builders garage door maintenance and safetyFor many homes in the United States, the garage door is one of the largest pieces of moving machinery on the property. While a garage door may be viewed by homeowners as nothing more than an entryway, it is important to understand that there are a variety of hazards involved in using this equipment. Although any person can be the victim of a garage door injury, children generally face a higher risk. As a homeowner, there are several steps that you can take to improve safety around your garage door:

Conduct a Visual Inspection

As simple as it sounds, it is a good idea to conduct regular examinations of your home and garage structure to ensure that everything is safe and up to code. When inspecting a garage door, there are many areas of concern that should be checked. For example, you should routinely check springs, cables, rollers, and pulleys for any signs of damage or wear. If any of these items need to be replaced, a garage building professional should be contacted immediately, as uncorrected problems can lead to additional damage or the possibility of an injury.

Test the Safety Sensors

Garage safety sensors serve the purpose of stopping a closing garage door from coming into contact with an object. Typically located near the ground, safety sensors can detect items that are in their line of sight and prevent the garage door from closing on vehicles, objects, or people. This feature is especially helpful in preventing accidents, and it can ensure that young children can avoid being injured when walking under a closing garage door. By regularly testing these sensors to ensure that they are working correctly, you can prevent potential injuries or damage to your property.

Keep Clear of the Garage Door

When opening or closing, a garage door can be extremely dangerous. For example, if a garage door has panels, these panels could cause crushed or broken fingers if a person attempts to touch the door while it is moving. For families with younger children, it is highly recommended to install a garage door that does not have panels that can pinch fingers or extremities. To avoid injuries, family members should stay clear of a garage door whenever it is in motion.

Call Our Downers Grove Garage Renovation Specialists

For garage owners, it is extremely important to understand that a broken or unsafe garage door can cause serious injuries or property damage. If you need to repair or replace your garage door, the knowledgeable DuPage County garage building professionals at Blue Sky Builders can help you understand your best options, and we will work with you to ensure that your garage door meets your family’s needs. To receive a free estimate for your garage repair needs, call our office today at 630-852-8485.

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