3 Ways to Bring More Natural Light Into Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage natural lighting optionsDoes your garage feel dark all the time? While installing more electric lighting is one way to address this, another option is to let in more natural light. Here are three ways you can add more natural light when rebuilding or remodeling your garage:

  • Replace a solid entry door with a full-window or half-window door.
  • Replace a solid garage door with one that has windows.
  • Add more windows to the walls.

Garage Entry Doors With Windows

Replacing the entry door to your garage is the most cost-efficient way to bring more natural light into your garage. If your door frame shows signs of rot, or if the door itself is old and looking very worn, it might be time to invest in a new door anyway.

Fiberglass doors are considered top-of-the-line and are only slightly more expensive than steel doors. Search for “full-lite” or “half-lite” depending on whether you want full-height glass or just a window in the upper half of the door. Expect to pay $400 to $700 for a good-quality exterior door of either fiberglass or steel with a large window.

Overhead Garage Doors with Windows

If you look through our custom garage gallery, you will see many examples of garages with windowed doors. If you have a two-car or even three-car garage, you will be amazed at the amount of extra light you will get. You will not have to turn on the garage lights as often or nag your family members to shut off the garage lights that they left burning.

Garage door windows provide a significant aesthetic benefit as well. If you have never had windows in your garage door, you may not realize what a stunning visual difference the addition of windows can make. You can even select window styles that will match the style of your house windows, such as six-pane windows.

Garage Wall Windows

If your current garage does not have windows in the walls, it will be somewhat pricey to cut holes in the walls to install new windows. However, if you are planning a new garage, you should definitely consider adding a window or two to your plan. The extra daylight will be worth the expense. If you are considering putting a dormer or second story on your garage, consider placing a window there for architectural interest as well as lighting.

Custom Garage Building in DuPage County

If you want to bring more daylight into your garage, call Blue Sky Builders for full design and build services. We are a Downers Grove garage builder serving DuPage County, Cook County, and neighboring counties. For a free estimate on your project, call us at 630-852-8485.

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