4 Reasons to Consider a New Garage This Year

downers-grove-garage-renovationAs we get ready to turn the calendar over to April, it is an ideal time to start thinking about a new garage. After all, spring is the season of new beginnings. The weather will soon be warming up, and folks throughout Northern Illinois will begin planning this year’s outdoor projects. For some—maybe even you—it may be time to give some thought to upgrading your garage or starting from scratch and building a new custom garage with the help of your local garage professionals.

Let’s look at a few reasons why you might decide to update your garage or build a new one:

#1: Your Garage Needs Help

Perhaps the most important reason to build a new garage is that your existing garage has fallen into disrepair. The current condition of your garage might not be your fault, especially if the garage was built long before you purchased your home. However, if your garage is outdated, needs some structural work, or is unsafe in any way, a new garage may be in order.

#2: You Have Outgrown Your Garage

When you first bought your home (or built your garage), the garage may have suited your needs just fine. Time changes our lives, though, which means your needs have probably changed too. For example, maybe you need space to park your son or daughter’s car, or maybe you have added a few toys to your collection, such as ATVs or motorcycles, that you now need to protect.

#3: Increasing Your Home’s Value

Most experts agree that we are in the midst of a strong real estate seller’s market, and buyers are making as-is offers that are well over the asking price in many situations. But, if you are looking to the future and thinking about selling your home at some point down the road, it might make sense for you to increase the home’s value by rebuilding or updating the garage now. Even just a new garage door can add value and curb appeal.

#4: Improving Security

Illinois is among the states with the highest number of car thefts per year. In 2020, more than 21,000 vehicles were stolen throughout the state—a figure that does not include the tens of thousands of car break-ins that resulted in personal property being stolen. Perhaps the best way to protect your vehicle at home is to park inside of an updated garage with secure locks that keep potential criminals out.

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