5 Indicators That You May Need a Garage Remodel

Blue Sky Builders (1)November-BlogHome garages can withstand significant wear and tear for many years. However, there may come a time when issues in the space become more noticeable, making the garage less useful and less pleasant. Certain indicators may suggest that it is time for remodeling or an entirely new garage. It is important to consider the warning signs that may become evident when it is time for a new garage. 

Warning Signs That it Might be Time For a New Garage

1.) Structural Defects

Structural defects in a garage that may lead to unsafe conditions include a sagging roof, rotting boards, and inadequate lighting. Not only do these defects make your garage unsafe to use, but they will also lower your property’s value. An unsafe garage is typically easy to spot and will decrease the appeal of your entire home, while also making it a dangerous environment for you and your loved ones.

2.) Security Concerns

Older garages may struggle to provide adequate security to the high-priced items being stored in your garage. Old doors and windows can be difficult to lock, making for easy access to someone who may want to steal or damage expensive property. Additionally, old garages may feature more holes and gaps within their structure, allowing for rodents and other pests to venture into the space and cause damage.

3.) Significant Damage

In the midwest, it is very possible for a home to be impacted by severe weather conditions. A garage in Illinois may suffer damage from intense lightning storms, heavy rainfall, blizzards, tornados, and falling trees. Severe weather can lead to dripping ceilings or a collapsed structure. When damages accumulate, a garage may eventually become unusable.

4.) Garage Door Defects

There are numerous indications that a garage door’s age is starting to show. The door’s cables and pulleys may be worn, the door could be coming completely off the rack, creaking sounds may have started to become more noticeable, and the response time could be getting slower. This could mean that it is simply time to replace the door, however, before making that sole fix, consider how long it has been since you have done maintenance or replaced other areas of your garage as well.

5.) Lack of Sufficient Space

If you realize that your garage simply does not have enough space to house your vehicles and still have space for storage, it may be time for a new garage or a considerable remodeling. As modern vehicles increase in size, it becomes a challenge to store those vehicles in smaller garages. A larger garage can provide homeowners the space they need to park their vehicles, store belongings (big and small), and still have room to use the space as a workshop.

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