5 Steps to Follow When Cleaning Aluminum Siding

Blue Sky Image (3)Spring is the perfect time of year for outdoor cleaning. You may consider cleaning your aluminum siding or garage door when it comes to freshening up your home. The task of trying to make aluminum look brand new can be simple if you follow these five steps. For those unfamiliar with the topic, aluminum is a tough material that is used for siding or garage doors. One benefit of purchasing aluminum for your home is that it requires very little to no maintenance. However, this minimum amount of maintenance still needs to be done in order to keep a long lifespan for your siding.

Prepare your proper cleaning equipment
Before you start cleaning, be sure to obtain the appropriate cleaning supplies. The first cleaner that you’ll use is laundry detergent containing bleach as one of its ingredients. If mildew has formed on the siding, the bleach will help remove it over time. The second cleaning item that you’ll need is a high-pressure water hose. This supply will be further explained in the next step. Other recommended cleaning items include a brush for deep crevices, protective eyewear, a hat, and a jacket in case you are cleaning your garage siding in chilly weather. If you can, be sure to choose a pleasant day to work outdoors, as the task may take some time.

Pressure wash if necessary
If you decide to use a pressure washer, be mindful of its forcefulness. Use a low setting to avoid any damage to your siding, which can result from water passing through to the underside. Spraying the water at an angle is recommended so that the chances of water leaking through any gaps is limited.

Rinse the siding before applying cleaning solutions
By doing so beforehand, you can increase the chances of a better result when it comes to scrubbing and cleaning. Once you scrub the surface, it is important to rinse the siding before the solution dries out and leaves marks.

Minimize any mildew
Bleach is one of the most helpful cleaning supplies when it comes to getting rid of mildew on your aluminum siding. Also, consider vinegar, as it is an eco-friendly alternative for cleaning. If you are not sure if the buildup on your siding is mildew or dirt, just apply a small amount of bleach on the surface’s area. If it remains a dark color, it is dirt. However, if the color gets lighter, then it is mildew.

Work from top to bottom
When cleaning your garage or siding, start from the top. Use a soft brush so that you do not leave any marks. Rinse the areas that you clean immediately after you scrub them, then move downwards. 

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