5 Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Garage’s Security

improve-your-garages-securityEveryone wants to make sure their home is safe from thieves or others who may try to break in. Unfortunately, the garage is a common entry point for those who are looking to enter a home illegally. To address this issue, prevent break-ins, and make sure your home and family are as safe as possible, you can do the following:

  • Install the proper lighting - Bright lighting around a garage is one of the best ways to deter potential thieves. Installing floodlights that illuminate the area around your garage door, side doors, windows, or other potential entry points will help keep these areas secure. You may also want to use motion sensors that will shine lights on anyone who approaches your home or garage.
  • Keep your garage door opener remote safe – It can be convenient to keep the remote you use to open your garage door in your car. However, when these devices are easily visible in a car that is parked in a driveway or on the street, such as when a remote is clipped to a visor, this may provide thieves with an easy way to gain entry to your home. To prevent this issue, you may want to use a key fob remote that attaches to your car keys or make sure a remote stored in a vehicle is not visible from the outside.
  • Restrict visibility in garage windows - When people can see into your garage from outside, this may create the temptation to steal items stored within. To avoid this issue, you may use frosted glass on windows or plastic coating that limits visibility.
  • Make sure you have the proper locks – Your garage entry doors may be accessible to potential thieves, but you can make sure they are secure by using strong locks and deadbolts. It is also a good idea to make sure the door between your garage and your home is locked, which will ensure that even if a person gains access to your garage, they will be prevented from entering the rest of the home.
  • Consider in-garage delivery options - Package theft can be a serious issue, and items that are left on your porch or doorstep may be irresistible to thieves. However, some delivery companies, such as Amazon, may offer services in which items may be delivered inside your garage. By using a smart garage door opener, you may be able to open your garage door remotely so that packages can be delivered safely, preventing potential theft.

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