5 Ways to Prep your Garage for the Summer

Blue Sky Image (3) The weather in Chicago can be unpredictable and change drastically from season to season. Keeping that in mind, it may be beneficial to take precautions and make sure that your garage is ready for summer weather. There are many steps that you can take in order to prep your garage for the upcoming temperature change.

Clean up and organize your space
The items that you have out and ready to use during the winter months are most likely not the same ones that you need for the summer. For example, you might store your bikes away during the colder seasons and bring them back out when the weather gets a little warmer. The organization of your garage may vary for the same reason. An important first step in preparing your garage for summer is to clean your space, making sure that everything you want to use has been moved to an accessible location and is ready for use.

Inspect the mechanics for functionality
You can get as specific as you would like, depending on how much time you wish to spend on the mechanics of your garage. Since it also pertains to your garage’s safety, this may be one of the most important items on your summer garage prep checklist. There are many moving parts that go into your garage, so you want to make sure that everything is functioning and that you test out the mechanisms.

Perform safety checks
When the weather gets warmer, it is more likely that your neighbors, family, or friends will come over and spend time in your garage area. Therefore, completing a routine safety check to make sure that all aspects of your garage are functioning properly is an essential step in preparing your garage for the summer. Your safety check will include wiping down all objects so that there is no dust or dirt that can be touched, making sure that your AC units contain clean filters, or even just making sure that you have a safe place for all of your gardening tools.

Paint or clean the garage door
Not only will this check off the next step, but painting your garage can symbolize starting fresh with the new season. A fresh coat of paint has the ability to brighten up your garage and protect it from the harsh elements that have the potential to cause damage in the long run.

Weather stripping and insulation
While you are enjoying the warm weather, keep in mind that before you know it, the cold will be back. Take advantage of being able to work outdoors by applying new weather stripping and insulating your garage. For the weather stripping, it is important to make sure that all cracks are properly filled. For the insulation, it not only keeps the cold air out, but it can also be helpful when keeping your garage dry and humidity away.

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