5 Ways to Quick Fix Your Garage During the Winter

Blue Sky Image quickfixAlthough the weather has gotten warmer in Chicago, that does not mean you should wait to get a head start on preparing your garage for more cold temperatures. One way to be proactive is to implement necessary quick fixes to your garage. There are a few different ways you can provide your garage with the care it needs.

Fix or replace weatherstripping:
The purpose of applying weatherstripping to your garage door is to seal any gaps between the door and the garage opening. If it is left on for too long it can crack and allow air to seep in and bring in cold drafts. First, you want to remove the old weatherstripping with a tool such as a pry bar or a scraper. Once the surface is smooth, you can then install the new weatherstripping. It is best to apply when the garage door is closed so the stripping is aligned properly.

Insulate garage walls:
A great form of insulation is fiberglass. To install it correctly you must choose the proper thickness for your walls. After you have completed those measurements, make sure that you securely fasten and cut the insulation to the exact length needed.

Repair the garage door:
Check your garage door to see if it requires any repairs such as insulation. If this is not a realistic option for you, another choice is to replace the door entirely with a new insulated design.

Replace old garage mats:
As water and salt are brought into your garage over the winter months, your garage floor mats may begin to break down. There are a number of different types of floor mats you can choose from in order to have the best coverage for your specific garage.

Keep up with your routine maintenance:
In order to maintain a clean and safe garage, keep up with repairs and replacements. From your garage door to the floor, make sure that everything is working efficiently.

It is beneficial to keep up with winter maintenance routine for your garage even if the weather gets warm. Regular maintenance can increase the chances of a well-structured garage all year round. Also, a clean garage provides a safe place for your family and friends to gather.For more information on how to quickly fix your garage during the winter, please contact our garage experts at Blue Sky Builders today. Call us at 630-852-8485. We are here to help serve our Chicagoland clients with their garage maintenance needs.

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