Garage Makeover: Alternative Uses For Your Garage

Garage MakeoverEverything that is not wanted in the house but too heavy to put in the attic is banished to the stockpile accumulating in the garage. Before you know it, every inch of space in your garage has been consumed by items that will be needed “one day”. But until that day all potential usage of the garage is eliminated—even the car has been pushed out onto the driveway. For some households, the family car relocating outside the house may be inevitable, but that does not justify the conversion of potential living space into an ever-growing dumping ground. Even if you are one of the few not feeling cramped in your home, this extra space can make life easier and add a new depth to the value of your home.

Need help brainstorming? Check out these great ideas!

The “Man Cave”

The conversion from garage to “man cave” is actually rather simple. Since elaborate decorations are usually low on the priority list, the amenities needed to complete this room are pretty straightforward. All a “man cave” needs is some comfortable armchairs, a couch or two, a home entertainment system, a plethora of videogames, a refrigerator to keep the beer, and a table to lay out the pizzas, chips, sandwiches, and so on.  With these in place, your garage has now been converted into a well-equipped certified, “man cave”.

Home Gym

End that expensive gym membership and ditch the crowds! Be the family that wants to get in shape and stay in shape with your new in-home gym. Odds are at one point or another you have purchased and then forgotten about some gym equipment, why not consider investing in a cardio machine, few dumbbells, and a couple mirrors? Then just add a few speakers and you’ll be sure to keep that New Year’s resolution with your very own 24hr fitness center.

Home Office

Ask anyone who works from home what one of their top problems is—a set workplace free from the distractions of their home-life. The answer really is as simple as converting the garage into your personal office. Just paint the walls, lay some carpet, and maybe even add a skylight for additional light.  You will be secluded from distractions yet still able to benefit from the conveniences of working from home.

In most homes, the garage is significantly underutilized space. Even on a limited budget, this space can be transformed into your family’s most used room. Contact Blue Sky Builders today to find out how you can successfully convert your garage into your dream room.

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