Back-to-School Ideas for Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders (5)While most kids dread the end of summer vacation, the second half of the summer is a time for families to prepare for children to go back to school. After several weeks in which children have been enjoying the outdoors, it is likely that your garage is somewhat disorganized. As part of your back-to-school preparations, you may be looking to reorganize your garage and find new ways to use this space during the school year. 

End-of-Summer Garage Reorganization

With so many people going in and out of your garage during the summer and using bikes, sports equipment, camping gear, or other outdoor equipment, it is easy for items to pile up, especially if they are not put away in their normal locations. You may want to take this opportunity to create new organization and storage systems that will help you keep your space in order and make sure you can continue to access what you need as the weather cools off.

As you reorganize your garage, you may want to sort items based on when and how they will be used. You can identify items that your family will not need once the school year starts, such as tents, sleeping bags, or camping stoves, and put them away in places where they can be kept until you need them next summer. This will give you more space for items that you may still need to access throughout the rest of the summer and during the fall.

Some great storage solutions may include hooks where you can hang bicycles on the walls or ceiling of your garage, as well as bins for backyard toys, pool gear, or other outdoor equipment. You can also make preparations for sports that children will be playing during the fall by clearing and marking areas where each child can store their sports gear (shoes, balls, bats, gloves, football pads, etc.) and be able to find these items when they need them. Finally, you may want to add shelves or cupboards where you can store items that your family may need during the school year, such as paper, pens, markers, or other school supplies.

Creating a Study Area in Your Garage

As part of your garage renovations, you may want to create a space for your children to use during the school year. You could add a desk to one corner of your garage, as well as other features that provide a quiet place that is free from distractions where children can concentrate on homework or projects. A nice chair, floor mats or carpets, and decorations can make this space more comfortable, and you could also include other helpful features, such as warm lighting, a stereo system to play music, or a mini-fridge to store snacks. You may also want to add some insulation and heating to this area, ensuring that children will be able to use it when the weather cools down.

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