Best Temporary and Permanent Options For Keeping Your Garage Cool During Summer Months

Blue Sky Builders (11)Walking into a garage in the middle of the summer can sometimes be unbearably hot. When making improvements, additions, and renovations to a garage, an individual should consider how each garage feature and component may affect airflow and comfort within the garage including the type and color of doors installed, and the siding and roofing of the garage

Before jumping into solutions, the garage owner should consider the expectations they have for their garage in terms of purpose and time. It is important to consider if big appliances will be used and stored here as they will generate more heat. Additionally, an owner should consider how long of periods and what time of day they will spend inside their garage. All of these variables will help garage owners determine the best solution for their cooling needs.

Temporary Garage Cooling Options

Installing fans in a garage may make for the biggest improvement. Fans are one of the cheapest options available for garage cooling, there are typically two types of fans appropriate for a garage: fans that you can mount on your wall and fans that stand up by themselves on the floor. Fans with metal blades are likely the best fit for a garage as they are easier to clean and less expensive.

Dehumidifiers also pose a great option for garage cooling, especially in areas with high humidity. This option can also make the garage more comfortable throughout other months as it will reduce condensation year-round.

Though it may be a solution with less immediate results, adding shade to the surrounding area of the garage can also be very effective when attempting to better control the level of heat. Additionally, it may be wise for garage owners to park recently used vehicles outside of the garage after arriving home and allow them to cool before moving them inside.

Permanent Garage Cooling Options

Adding adequate insulation to a garage can also greatly assist in reducing the level of heat. There are several areas of the garage that could greatly benefit from the addition of insulation. Installing insulation in areas such as the ceiling, walls, attic, and doors can provide improved capabilities. In particular, garage attic insulation can help to reduce the amount of heat that comes in through the roof. Additionally, by insulating the garage door, to help block the heat from entering that way.

If a garage doubles as a workshop for the owner’s vehicle, installing vents in the garage may be the most advantageous option. Not only will this assist with better airflow, but it will also prevent the inhalation of an engine’s toxic fumes.

Alternatively, a garage owner may simply want to opt for an air conditioning system suited for the garage. Air conditioning will likely do a very good job of keeping the garage cooler on summer days, however, it is also likely the most expensive option.

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There are several cooling methods available when attempting to lower the temperature of a garage during the warmer months. Which option best suits you depends on several factors including how you use your garage, for how long you use it, and where your garage is located. Fitting your garage for comfortable use throughout the summer months can be a difficult task, however with help from our DuPage garage renovation professionals, you can accurately determine the best cooling method for your garage. Contact our team with Blue Sky Builders today to learn more about how we can help to make your garage more comfortable by calling 630-852-8485.



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