Brightening Up Your Garage with Fluorescent Lighting

LIGHTINGIf you are the type of person who does a lot of handiwork in your garage, you will want to be sure your workstation is well lit. With poor lighting, it is difficult to make precise measurements and accurate cuts. If you do a lot of painting, you will want to be sure your colors look good in proper lighting. There is no reason to strain your eyes when there are better, inexpensive lighting options out there. Florescent lights provide brighter, more consistent lighting with a color rendering index of at least 85. While many garages and garage door openers come with built in bare bulb lights, the fact of the matter is they often are not powerful enough to get the job done.

To take on this simple project, all you will need is a cordless drill, wire cutters, metal bushing, screws, nuts, and the florescent fixtures and lights. First, remove your current lighting with the drill, wire cutters and any other tools you may need. For safety purposes, make sure your power is turned off. Now put in your florescent fixtures that will hold your new bulbs. You will want to make sure to buy 8 ft. fixtures that can hold 4 ft. bulbs. Using sets of 4 ft. bulbs is typically easier to maintain than the longer 8 ft. ones.

The fixtures should contain electronic ballasts if your garage will be exposed to conditions under 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This information should be printed on the ballast. Also, be sure to use electrical bushing between the fixture and wall so that metal edges will not cut your wiring. Finally, install the 4 ft. bulbs into your fixtures, using as many you believe you will need for optimal lighting.

For any work-space, lighting is extremely important. A well lit garage could be the difference between a successfully hammered nail or a trip to the ER with a broken thumb. It will be well worth your while to upgrade your garage to efficient, brighter florescent bulbs.

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