Can You Really Know Someone by Their Entry Door?

Garage Flooring OptionsDid you know that in addition to being your source for custom-built garages for over 35 years, we also provide installation of entry doors with different panel styles, colors, and designs available? Did you also know that your front door can say a lot about a person?

It’s true.  Much like a necktie, the front door is the focal point of the home, and offers a powerful statement about the home’s owner.  Throughout the spectrum of colors, each promotes a different trait to visitors or neighbors.  So what does each color mean?


The ultimate power color in Western Cultures, red, could mean many things to different societies. In feng shui, a red door says “welcome” and invites good energy. In early America, red doors signified a friendly household where a weary traveler might stop for the night.  Today, Red is a bold choice for those who are not afraid of standing out on the block.


A crisp white door is for those who are (or would like to be) organized, neat and clean. Owners are also likely traditionalists, preferring the classic and timeless to the extreme.


Black is a color of power, position and exclusivity. If your entry door is black, you are likely a person of some position, and you want the world to know it.  A black front door projects strength, sophistication, power, and authority, indicating to all who enter or even passersby that the home is a serious place inhabited by a person of substance.


If your door is green, you care about your home and your community and you have more traditional values. Psychologically speaking, green connotes health, safety, tranquility, and harmony, all highly desirable attributes for the home environment.


Shown to be the most popular color in many studies, a blue front door signals that the homeowner views his or her home as a place of refuge — calm, serene, and relaxing, the perfect retreat from an often harsh and demanding world.


Whether painted or stained, a brown front door looks natural and organic, but it can send mixed messages in terms of color psychology. On the one hand, brown conveys warmth, stability, and reliability, positive attributes all, but certain darker shades of brown signal a desire for privacy, even isolation.

Other Colors

If you are really gutsy, or have the house color to complement these, some of these colors could fit your personality.

  • Yellow: You are logical, yet creative. You tend to look at life with a positive attitude. You may even be a morning person
  • Turquoise: You crave emotional balance in your life, while pursuing big hopes and dreams. Although a bit idealistic, you believe anything is possible.
  • Orange: You are a social butterfly. You love to entertain and thrive on accomplishing new challenges.
  • Purple: A much different choice, those with purple entry doors are comfortable taking risks and dreaming big.

The entry door is the guide to the owner. If your front door is dilapidated, what does that say about you?  Our qualified team is ready to help you install your next entry door.  So when you’re ready, Contact us for an estimate and beautify your home for the holidays.

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