Best Approaches to Turn Your Garage Into a Home Office

Blue Sky Builders (15)As many of us have become accustomed to working from home, we have gotten to experience many of its conveniences. However, many have also begun to notice the struggles of this becoming the new norm. It can be very difficult to separate your work life and home life when they both take place in the same location. Many people have struggled with finding the perfect spot that helps them overcome this struggle.

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Factors To Consider When Installing a Car Lift In Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders (12)Garage owners who regularly work on their vehicles or simply want more storage space, car lifts provide a convenient solution. It is likely that most people have only seen car lifts in professional vehicle restoration shops, however, they are becoming increasingly common in home garages as well.  Read more

Back-to-School Ideas for Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders (5)While most kids dread the end of summer vacation, the second half of the summer is a time for families to prepare for children to go back to school. After several weeks in which children have been enjoying the outdoors, it is likely that your garage is somewhat disorganized. As part of your back-to-school preparations, you may be looking to reorganize your garage and find new ways to use this space during the school year.  Read more