Converting Your Garage into a Guest Bedroom

BEDROOMIf a home office, gym, or bar is not your thing, but you are still looking for a way to overhaul your garage, consider converting your empty garage into an extra bedroom for your home. An extra space to sleep is ideal if you have family members visiting often, teenagers who want more space, or want to start renting out rooms for additional income. Additionally, adding an extra bedroom will increase the value of your home. That being said, converting your garage from a dusty, car storage to a cozy accommodation is a lot of work. Depending on the type of room you want, this project will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000. You may want to hire a professional contractor for some parts of the process as well.

The first step to creating a new bedroom is insuring you have the necessary permits to convert your garage into a living space. Every town has different zoning laws for these types of things, but typically you will need a permit from your city or town to start the project. After that, you will want to start the conversion by removing your garage door and all its parts, and replacing it with a wall. Unless you have some sort of background in construction, this is the part of the process where you will need to consult a professional. When the new wall is put in, be sure its siding matches the aesthetic of the rest of your house. With the new wall put in, you will also want to be sure to insulate and drywall it, and ensure the other walls of the garage are properly insulated.

Next, you will want to make sure your new bedroom is properly wired. Install light fixtures to match the bedrooms of your house. You will also want to extend your heating and cooling system from your house to reach the garage so that your guests will be living comfortably. Paint the walls to match the furniture you plan on putting in the bedroom. Now your garage is finally starting to look like an actual living space! For the floor, you can install tile or wood flooring yourself, or simply buy a large rug to roll out and cover the concrete. The last step is moving in beds, desks, armoires and whatever else you plan on furnishing the room with.

As you can see, garage conversion can be quite a complex process, but it will pay off in the long run. The return on investment for this type of project is 78 percent in the first year alone. You will free up space for your family, and will also never leave guests sleeping on couches again.

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