Converting Your Garage into a Haunted House for Halloween

Blue Sky Builders garage Halloween decorationsThe fall season is upon us, which means changing tree colors, pumpkin-flavored everything, and all the festivities that come with Halloween. Trick-or-treating may look a little different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with local communities issuing certain restrictions. Some cities and towns are leaving it up to residents to decide if they want to participate in this tradition, but regardless, safety precautions, including wearing face coverings, are recommended to protect little ghouls and goblins as well as adults handing out candy. Some families may opt to stay at home and have their own Halloween gathering, or they may invite a few neighbors over for a socially-distanced get-together. If you want to take your party up a notch, consider turning your garage into a haunted house with the following recommendations. You will have a blast and you might just be the talk of the town!  

Put Your Creative Thinking Cap On

Before embarking on this endeavor, clean out your garage space or put items away using built-in shelving or plastic bins that can keep your possessions organized. Hooks or cabinets can be good for storing large or bulky items, such as bicycles, scooters, or sports equipment. Have the whole family join in and make it a weekend project. One great idea is to make a haunted maze by utilizing the space in your driveway and garage interior while parking your vehicles on the street temporarily. Creating a spooktacular scene does not need to break the bank. Get crafty with items you have laying around the house or garage:

  • Set up a tunnel out of tubing or tent material so visitors can enter the garage in an unconventional way.
  • Hang sheets throughout the inside of the garage with eyes cut out to make them look like ghosts or use cardboard boxes with scary creatures drawn on them to separate the sections of a maze.
  • Suspend fake spiders, monster masks, or scarecrows from the rafters, hanging them at different lengths to intimidate partygoers.
  • Place toys such as rubber reptiles, rats, or eyeballs in glass jars filled with water that has red food coloring to make it look like blood along the maze.
  • Play scary music from your favorite horror movie soundtracks to enhance the overall theme and ambiance.
  • Decorate the inside of the garage with spider webbing, pumpkins, tombstones, and other moving or noisy props.
  • Change your garage’s exterior lights to orange bulbs and adorn it with Halloween-themed signs or streamers.

When (or if) guests make it out of the haunted maze, you can have a station for treats they can pick up if they would like. Make it an annual event by storing your haunted maze decorations and accessories in shelving that can be installed to hang down from the garage ceiling.

Contact a Chicago Area Garage Builder Today

If you would like to do something different this Halloween, try creating a spooky sanctuary retreat with your garage. Blue Sky Builders has more than 40 years of experience building and renovating custom garage spaces. We can help you with installing accessories and storage solutions that meet your short- and long-term needs. To schedule a free estimate, call our Downers Grove garage professionals today at 630-852-8485.

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