Creating the Ultimate Garage Man Cave in Time for Football Season

Blue Sky Builders garage man caveFootball season is nearly upon us, and many of us are left unprepared. Our jerseys are cleaned and pressed, and we may have the schedule prepared, but what about the space to watch the games? If you are looking for the ultimate man cave to enjoy every week of the season, look no further than your very own garage. Frequently, people overlook this area as little more than a storage unit attached to their home; however, it gives you the perfect canvas that allows for the freedom of expression you desire. Whether you need a space to host a rowdy crowd or merely a quiet area to get away, your garage can be a perfect man cave. Here are some tips and tricks for making a space that is uniquely yours:

Start With a Blank Canvas

It is hard to get creative with a cluttered garage. Take a weekend to sort through the mess. Discard any unnecessary items. Consider selling items on eBay or in a garage sale to raise funds for redecorating your new space. Anything that remains should have a specific location in a cabinet, on a shelf, or otherwise out of the way.

Visualize Your Space

What do you want your man cave to become? Will it primarily be a hangout spot for poker games and football parties, or will it be more of an office and relaxation location? Visualize a realistic look for your area while also taking into consideration the available space.

Insulation Matters

If you are going to spend any amount of time in your space, you do not want it to be too hot or too cold. If the temperature is not right, you will limit the usage of your man cave to fair-weather days. Soon, your space will become used as a storage shed once more. Take the time to insulate the floors, walls, ceiling, and garage door to maintain a comfortable climate.

Use What You Have

Do you have a pool table, a jukebox, or a television that you enjoy? Use it as your inspiration and focal point for the room.

Personalize the Space

Now that you have your blank space prepared, paint the walls in an inviting tone and coat the floor in an easy-to-clean material. Add in sofas and chairs for ample comfort. Consider incorporating a bar area with a fridge to reduce trips in and out of the main home. Finally, add in the details such as decorative lighting, signage, and memorabilia.

Contact Our Custom Garage Experts

If you would like to use your garage space as a man cave but do not have the square footage or the storage solutions to make it happen, Blue Sky Builders can design a garage to bring your vision to life. We have over 39 years of experience building ideal garage and providing unique storage solutions in Chicago and DuPage County. Contact us today or call 630-852-8485 to find out how we can help you get the most use out of your space.

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