Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Garage for Halloween

Blue Sky Builders Garage Halloween DecorationsWe are at that time of the year where the leaves are changing color, and pumpkin spice beverages are in season. Children are trying to decide what costume they are going to wear while trick-or-treating, and you are probably trying to decide how to decorate your house for Halloween. The possibilities for this spooky holiday are endless, and the good news is, you can go above and beyond in your creativity. There are many ways to convert your garage into a realistic graveyard, a spooky witch’s lair, or just decorate for a Halloween party. Below are a few ideas on how to turn your garage into the best haunted place ever:

A Haunted Maze

Everyone loves a maze, but a good haunted maze will likely get an 11 out of 10 rating in a neighbor’s opinion. If you would like to try creating a haunted maze in your home, you can do the following:

  • Raise the garage door ¾ of the way up and hang a bed sheet in the middle of the garage. The bed sheet will divide the space in half, allowing people to start and finish the maze.
  • Set up a tunnel made of cardboard that kids should go through to get into the garage. The tunnel can be filled with rubber spiders and webbing.
  • Put on some creepy music to get the kids’ adrenaline rushing.
  • Decorate the inside of your garage with bats that hang from the ceiling, spider webs, or even motion activated props.
  • When trick-or-treaters make it out of the haunted maze, then they can get their candy at the end.

Creating a haunted maze does not require a lot of money. Most haunted mazes you can do yourself, making the maze more authentic and creative.

A Garage Door Victim

This idea for a haunted garage this Halloween is a novel one for those who prefer to add a little gore to their decorations. To provide scares for the children coming to your house during trick-or-treat hours, just simply follow these steps.

  • Create a real-life mannequin by stuffing straw, paper, or poly-fil fiber into some clothes.
  • Use a flannel shirt, jeans, and old gym shoes to make the figure more realistic.
  • Put the mannequin in the garage with the bottom half sticking out from under the garage door.
  • Put some ketchup or red paint on the garage door to add a gory effect.

Any used shirt, jeans, and gym shoes will be perfect for this mannequin. Again, this is not a costly investment, but definitely one that will create a great Halloween atmosphere.

Glowing Eyes

Creating glowing eyes on Halloween is probably the quickest and most cost-effective way to decorate your garage.

  • Save up some cardboard tubes and cut eye shapes out of them.
  • Put glow sticks in the cardboard tubes.
  • Duct tape the tubes on the ends.

As glow sticks typically last no more than eight hours at a time, it is always good to keep replacing glow sticks consistently. Keep moving the cardboard tubes around periodically during the month of October to haunt the kids.

A Garage Full of Hands

Finding hand props and mounting them onto your garage will definitely scare the kids. If this is the effect that you’re looking for, consider following these few simple steps:

  • Invest in at least ten fake hand decorations, which are likely available at your local dollar store.
  • Mount the fake hand decorations on the garage with mounting putty.
  • Add certain treats, like an apple or candy.

These fake hand decorations can provide a creepy effect, and they are a cost-effective way to convert your garage into a more haunted area.

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