Garage Building Best in August: Beat the Cold Weather!

Garage Building August Best TimeTake Advantage of Building a Custom Garage Before August Ends

It’s true – fall is right around the corner with winter not too far behind it! Don’t be left out in the cold!  Now is the time to finally make that decision to build the new custom built garage that you have always wanted. 

Before any garage is built, there is a lot of garage planning and preparation that must be done.  All of the garage options have to be figured out and finalized such as:

  • Deciding what type of garage you want to build,
  • The size of the garage you need
  • The location of your garage 
  • What color you want your garage to be
  • Whether or not you need various features such as windows, multiple doors, etc. 

Importance of the Building Permit

There is a lot to think about! Once all decisions have been made it will be time to submit for the required building permit with your town or village.  The building permit process is, in many cases, the longest part of the entire garage project.  

Depending on what village or town you are in, a building permit for a garage could take two to four weeks!  In certain towns, a building permit process taking six weeks is not all that uncommon.  In some cases we have seen it take even longer!  This could put the entire project on hold if it is too close to winter and freezing temperatures.  The new concrete slab for your garage cannot be poured under certain temperatures, which means that once the bad weather hits, your new garage will have to wait until next year.

Don’t Wait to Plan for your New Garage

It is best to plan ahead and start your new garage project early before it is too late.  Give yourself some breathing room, get your new garage built well before the first snowfall and sub zero temperatures and treat yourself to a nice warm car that doesn’t have to be scraped off in the morning before work.   You’ll be glad you did.

Please share this post with others who need to build a garage before it gets too cold! Let them know how important it is to plan for their new garage – especially when it comes to getting a building permit!

If you have questions about building a custom garage, or need help with planning, Blue Sky Builders can assist you in this process and make sure you have a new garage up on time. Contact Blue Sky Builders today.

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