Top 5 Garage Problems Plaguing Homeowners

Downers Grove Custom Garage ExpertsOwning your own home has both advantages and disadvantages. While owning your own home has numerous financial and practical benefits, there are certainly downsides. For many homeowners, home maintenance and upkeep is among the top concerns. Garages can be especially problematic – especially if the garage is old and has not been renovated in many years.

If your garage is not meeting your needs, consider working with our custom garage builders to refurbish your current garage or design a brand-new custom garage.

Common Garage Concerns

Garages are where we store everything from automobiles to gardening supplies. For many, our garages are also where we host friends and neighbors for casual get-togethers or barbeques. Whatever you use your garage for, one thing is certain: Garage problems can be frustrating and costly.

Some of the most common garage problems facing homeowners include:

  • Garage door malfunctions – Automatic garage door openers make opening and closing the garage a breeze. However, garage doors are also subject to wear and tear over time. Garage door sensors can become dirty or damaged. The door itself can become warped due to weather or accidental collisions.
  • Poor garage lighting – Is there anything more annoying than entering your garage and being unable to see anything? Inadequate lighting is a top complaint of many garage owners. For most garages, a small 60 watt bulb is not sufficient, and the garage will need a much better lighting set up.
  • Not enough space – Perhaps the most common issue people have with their garages is lack of space. Bicycles, tools, old Christmas decorations, and other miscellaneous items clutter the garage and leave little room. Large trucks and SUVs may be taller and wider than the garage.
  • Damaged garage floors – Garage floors can break down over time, leading to cracks and holes. Not only are broken garage floors unattractive, they can also be dangerous. If your garage floor has become an unappealing tripping hazard, it is time to think about restoring it.
  • Inadequate insulation – The entire purpose of a garage is to keep important items out of the rain, snow, and heat. When a garage is poorly insulated, the automobiles and other items inside can become damaged.

Contact Our Chicago Garage Builders

If your garage has seen better days, it may be time to renovate the garage or build a new one. Our DuPage County garage renovation experts can help you design and build a garage that meets your unique needs. Contact our team at Blue Sky Builders by calling 630-852-8485.

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