Garage Maintenance for Above-Freezing December Days

Blue Sky Builders winter garage door maintenanceThe Chicago area often gets a few days with 35- to 40-degree temperatures in December, giving homeowners a last chance to complete some lingering outdoor maintenance chores. Here are a few suggestions for garage maintenance on one of those days:

Clean the Garage Gutters

The Chicago suburbs had an unusual fall in 2018. We went from leaves on the trees to leaves on the ground to snow on the ground in a matter of days. If you did not have the chance to get your gutters cleaned out earlier, now is the time to do it. Leaves which are just lightly frozen together should clean out fairly easily.

If the gutters get clogged up with masses of frozen leaves, water will not be able to drain off the roof the way it should. Remember that winter in northern Illinois usually involves a series of freezes and thaws, so your gutters need to be capable of draining off water all year long. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage affecting your roof, walls, and foundation, both inside and out. If water gets into areas of your home and garage that are not intended to be waterproof, such as wooden door frames and drywall, you can end up with rot and mold.

Gutter overflow can also create hazards. Pools of ice can form on driveways and sidewalks, creating a risk of slip-and-falls. Heavy ice buildup in the gutters or in the form of large icicles can actually cause gutters to pull away from their anchors.

Inspect Your Garage Door and Garage Door Opener

If you had to pick one season when you really want your garage door to open and close without trouble, it would have to be winter. However, many people do not realize that garage doors and openers need regular upkeep, so they go into winter without having done the appropriate maintenance.

See our Garage Door Maintenance Checklist for five monthly steps and one semi-annual step that will keep your door operating smoothly. Completing these steps in December can reduce the chances that you will need to be outside trying to fix your garage door on the coldest day in January or February.

For Garage Doors and Openers, Call Blue Sky Builders

It is natural to spend more time worrying about upkeep on your home than your garage. However, the preventive measures you take now can save you a lot of grief when the weather gets even colder. If you need to repair or replace your garage’s gutters, doors, door springs, or door opener, Blue Sky Builders can help. Contact us at 630-852-8485.

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