Get Your Garage Ready For Summer

Get Garage Ready For SummerWe have experienced a seemingly endless Winter in the Chicagoland area this year. And finally, the weather is starting to warm up! With the first day of summer just around the corner – June 21st – we would like to share a few tips for getting your garage ready for summer.

Garage sales, barbecues, parties. Activity in the garage increases exponentially during the summer months. And as a result, it is important to prepare your garage in advance for the coming months.

Get your garage organized

Organizational needs change throughout seasons. Place items you will need for summer months in an easy to access place near the exit to the garage, while moving seasonal or cold-weather items into storage bins or onto shelves. For example, you may want to place a grill, toys, or a lawn mower close to the exit so it is easier for you to access.

Perform maintenance activities

With the weather warming up, it is the perfect time to complete those tasks you have been putting off all winter. Wash away seasonal grime on your garage door and windows to prevent rust. Apply a fresh coat of paint to your garage door. Or, consider insulating your garage for the summer. Insulated garage doors can help keep an unconditioned garage comfortable on a sizzling summer day as well as help manage temperatures in living spaces above the garage

Make sure your garage is safe

Summer means increased traffic through your garage. And it is especially important to protect your garage while you are on summer vacation. Therefore, it is important to perform a periodic safety inspection of your garage door. This is especially important for those garage doors equipped with automatic openers.

For more information or tips, view 3 Step Garage Safety and Security Assessment.


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