How Can a Garage Renovation Help With Winter Tool Storage?

Blue Sky Builders garage tool storageAs the weather starts to get colder and colder in the Chicago area, homeowners are beginning to pack up their summertime equipment. Lawn and gardening appliances are swapping places with shovels, salt, and snow blowers. As you are moving these items around, you may notice that your garage is in need of proper tool storage. Before attempting to cram items unsafely into the space you have or allowing frustration to set in, you may want to consult a garage building professional to determine whether you can add some new storage solutions. A garage renovation may allow you safely store tools and appliances and make the best use of your space.  

Prepare Your Walls and Ceilings

Since tools can be rather expensive, you will want to take extra precautions to ensure that they will last a long time. To avoid external damage, tool racks and wall brackets can be installed. Bigger items such as shovels, weed whackers, chain saws, and lawnmowers can hang from the rafters or be placed on the walls. In addition, smaller tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches can be organized on a mounted tool wall.

Considering the bitter cold that comes with an Illinois winter, your garage’s temperature may need to be addressed. Wet weather and poor air conditions can cause damage to power tools and lead to rust forming on metal appliances. Although a portable heating device can be purchased, it is not safe to leave one constantly running in your garage. Adding insulation to your garage walls, door, and ceiling can help maintain the proper temperature.     

Increase Your Storage Space

If wall and ceiling storage cannot fulfill your storage needs, different types of garage expansions could be the answer. Adding an extra storage room to your garage can provide an area for tools and appliances to be kept. Furthermore, a garage loft can grant additional storage space for items that cannot hang on a wall. Work benches, large toolboxes, and oddly shaped appliances can greatly benefit from these types of garage construction projects. Before beginning a renovation project, it is important to ensure that your planned structure will meet your local zoning requirements. 

Contact Our Downers Grove Garage Renovation Experts

Winter weather conditions can have a major impact on how you use your garage and how you store items in it. If you are considering a garage renovation project, you can count on Blue Sky Builders to help. With 40 years of experience, our knowledgeable DuPage County custom garage professionals can assess your needs and help you determine how to create your ideal garage. Call 630-852-8485 to schedule an initial consultation with a free estimate.

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