How Can I Prepare My Garage for an Illinois Winter?

Blue Sky Builders garage winter preparationElements such as wind, ice, snow, sleet, and hail can make wintertime in the Midwest a frightful thing to experience. Although garages are exposed to the weather year-round, these structures often do not receive the same amount of maintenance and care that a house would get. Due to the frigid temperatures that occur during the winter months, garages may often be covered in snow or ice. In an effort to avoid any injuries or property damage, a garage renovation project may be needed. Discussing your thoughts and concerns with a knowledgeable garage improvement expert can save you a great deal of time, effort, and money in this type of project.

Addressing Snow and Ice Accumulation

During the winter, it is common for snow and ice to build up on garage roofs. Massive amounts of snow can sit atop a garage, leading to leakage, holes, or even cave-ins. Although it may seem that a little snow on a garage roof can provide an extra layer of insulation, allowing snow to pile up is not recommended due to the possible harm that can result. If the snow begins to melt, extensive water damage may result. Furthermore, snow that turns into ice can lead to icicles and additional safety hazards.

The temperature of your garage roof can lead to additional issues. When snow comes into contact with a warm roof, it can melt and refreeze. Because water expands when it freezes, this can lead to additional damage. You can help avoid this by ensuring that you have proper insulation in your garage’s attic, which will keep the inside of your garage warm while also keeping the outside cold. Furthermore, you should ensure that your gutters are up to code. When snow melts into water, having proper working gutters can prevent further destruction.    

Prepare for External Damage

Depending on the structure, build, and external doors that a garage may have, different types of weather conditions may cause external damage. For instance, a garage’s siding may be torn off due to strong winds, or dents and holes can result from hail. Before storms start to approach, you may want to have your garage doors and siding inspected. You can also seal any gaps around doors and windows, which can help keep the structure sound.   

Contact Our DuPage County Garage Construction Experts

Before wintertime weather becomes overbearing in Illinois, garage owners should prepare for the worst. With 40 years of experience, the trusted Downers Grove garage professionals at Blue Sky Builders can work with you to ensure your garage renovation project is handled with care. To receive a free estimate, call our office at 630-852-8485.


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